Tritip advice??

Discussion in 'Beef' started by raven1911, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. raven1911

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    First time smoking Tritip today. I need some advice. I have a 2.2 lb piece. I would love to know how long and at what temp to do it. I am going to do ribs at the same time so I am figuring my smoker would be at 225 deg? How long should the tritip take at that weight?

    Thanks guys. Happy New Year!
  2. bigal

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    Been a while since I did tri-tip, but I did them at 225*, fat down til internal temp of 150-155(we like our meat more done than most). Then slice as thin as possible against the grain. I would guess 2-3hrs.

    Don't over due the rub. Tri-tip has excellent taste w/nothing but salt and pepper.

    Good luck, it will be good.
  3. placebo

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    I prefer to do my tri-tips at a higher temp like between 350 and 400 for around 40 minutes or so. I find they tend to dry out too much for me when I cook them at the lower temps so I just do them on the grill with big hickory chunks off to the side. The last one I did like this was the best tri-tip I have ever had.

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