Tried 2 pork butt roasts.....

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  1. One was 2.5lb and the other was 3.5lb. I live in a small town so my selection of meats are limited. Anyhow, I didn't let the rub sit overnight, I rubbed it and put it on in about 30 minutes. I sprayed with apple juice every hour. I never did get a bark. There was alot of juices on the outside of both roasts. The larger one actually "pulled" apart but the smaller one didn't really pull. I prob over cooked the small one. I did take it off smoker at 165 and put in oven until 195. Did that with both actually. Is the reason I didn't get bark cause I didn't let the rub marinate overnight? When does a person take it out of the smoker to rest, 165, or 195? I have heard both ways. I did the oven way cause I read a recipe that said so. All this is being done on a EECB. Suggestions? Thanks P.S. Both roasts were very good to eat, all of yours looks better and probably tastes better too!
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    What was the temp of the smoker? I try to maintain 225-250* in the smoker. I like to let the rub sit overnight and feel this helps with bark and spritz hourly after the first 2 hours. Usually I coat the meat with regular yellow mustard and let that sit a few minutes then put on the rub. Some people don't use the mustard its personal choice I think it makes the rub stick better and you don't get any mustard taste at all. I then wrap the meat in cellophane and place in fridge overnight. I cook the butts to 160* then double foil them and put them in the oven set at 250* untill the butt hits an internal temp of 200-205* then wrap it foil and all in a couple towels and place it into a dry cooler for an hour or two then pull it.

    I'm sure other people do thier's different but this works very well for me
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    i thot i would hurry and smoke a butt i defrosted a couple weeks ago, it was my first also. i slathered it with el cheapo yellow mustard and then was pretty liberal with jeffs rub. didnt let it set but about half hour as well, had smoker at 225 and put in if i remember rite around 6 pm on a sat nite, i had intended it to be done sometimes in am. well it hit a plateu and it would not budge, finally got over itself and temp started goin up. kept in smoke at 225 til 6 pm sunday eveneing whenit reached 195. it had pretty good bark on it. i foiled and wrapped in towels for an hour or so. couldnt wait any more and took it outta foil and it literally came apart. keep temp low and wait for the meat, it aint ready til its ready... hope this helps

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