Tri-tip Help!

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Original poster
Dec 22, 2006
Danville, CA
I perused as much of the Beef section of the forum as I could and was not able to find any detailed info on smoking tri-tips to perfection. Now, of course, I am in urgent need of help.

I bought two slightly trimmed 3 lb tri-tips (6 lbs total) from the market yesterday and just now I applied the dry rub.

I am entertaining some family from back East and will likely be taking them around town all day. Good thing is I have the electric "set-it-and-forget-it" smoker.

BUT.....I have no idea what temp I should cook them at and how long they will take. Is it like a brisket where you set it at like 200-225 and expect 90 minutes/lb? And if it is, do I go by total weight of both tri-tips or just for each one, as they are separate? I'm thinking the latter, but I would prefer to ask the masters instead of just guessing

Any advice would be MUCH appreciated.

Theresa is drunk again, she doesn't know what the _____ she is talk'n about. :) BTW baste is smell'n good!

I've done a few, but am no expert or even up to amateur level yet. we like our meat med. well to well done. So I smoked at about 250* to an internal temp of 155*, let is sit in alum foil for 1/2 hr and then sliced. Look up Dutch's info on this as he is the "man", and I'm still the boy. I also smoked to internal temp of 145*, too pink for us, but juicy and good. SMoke it, but only take it to internal temp of what you like your steaks at and figure in 5* for resting time in the 30 min before you slice. Slice against the grain as thin as possible. Not the most tender cut, but very tasty. Save the juice and make some au jus for excellent "American" dip sandies.(I really don't care for the french, obvious reasons, so I call them anything but "french dip" sandies)

Any q's get on chat as I am home now, or ask here. I'm gonna stick around for a while and make somebody mad by the end of the day.........that is my goal in life, make someone else more miserable than I am at the moment. :)

Goood luck, and may the Broncos kick charger butt next yr. :)
No bottles, just I can crush them like a real man.

Has anyone called you a turd lately, tonto? :)

If not..........u r a turd.

BTW, still smell'n good w/ the baste. 5hrs 45 min into the brisket. Smellllllllllll'n goooooooooooooooooooood.

peach be w/you
This is from the other thread on Tri - tip I wrote (didnt feel like writing it all over so I cut and pasted).

Tried tri - tip for the first time last month. Absolutely amazing! What flavor. Only place I've seen it is at Costco for $5.99/lb. Can get it in roasts or cut into 1"x1"x 8" strips. The strips I grilled (heaven forbid
) to medium rare with just a little salt, pepper, and McCormicks garlic powder. Gonna try smoking one of the roasts later this week. Probably around 225-240 degrees until the temp reads 135 (like prime rib for medium rare).

Tri - tip is probably one of the most flavorful cuts of beef I've had the pleasure to sink my teeth into (toss up with prime rib). Everyone who likes beef should give it a try....
Not that I want to highjack this thread or anything but ... talkin about creole. Is is posible to do a blackened catfish in the smoker? Maybe smoke awhile then put the skillet on the fire or something?

I love blackened catfish! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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