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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 30, 2007
texas , queensland
i am very cunning, i just told a friend of mine that his very old apple tree needs some of the big branches pruning out of it ( it does realy need it though ) because its getting to thick ,and i told him i would do it for him and and i could use the wood that i cut out for my smoker , he agreed good idea , but he wants me to wait untill winter , ah well i can wait a few months.scored a pecan tree the other day too.been dead for a while though.about a year or so i think .
nice score johno...too bad ya have to wait for it....
Actually,waiting might be a good thing. In winter there is less sap in the tree and it will season more rapidly. Excellent score there, johno!
can get down to -10C where i am but that is rare more like -4C at night through the winter for a few months , and a few months of frosty mornings, snows a little bit about an hour or so from me .but i am no stranger to snow i was born in yorkshire UK lived there until aged 13 so believe me i know all about what winters can be .
Speaking of winter, I piloted a tandem axel snowplow for 27 hours straight Wednesday into Thursday last. And that was one of the shorter shifts this winter. But winter's work pays for summer's fun!
coldest i was around was -50c(-59.8F) in White River,Ontario which also claims to be the coldest spot of Ontario -70oF (-57oC). And thats before the wind chill factor.. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR

anyways... wood splits better at 0 C... its
My firewood splits great at any temp when applied to my Troy-Bilt 27 ton splitter!

srmonty, you should try the cutting edge of a Cat 950B. I stand my logs up in a row and have our loader operator tilt his bucket all the way forward right on top of them. We do 10 to 15 logs at a time like that. Otherwise my splitter is a 12 year old kid.
Geez, Gunslinger! Now that's an interesting one! Don't have a dozer in the stable but I pilot a Deere 544H bucket loader with a few extras! Sometime we even weld up specialized tools on a Deere mount. Got me thinkin'!
my splitter has a wooden handle and a steel head , ya gotta keep yourself in reasonable shape if ya gunna keep eatin pork ribs , cant make life to easy .thats the problem with todays world to many labour saving devices.
Couildn't agree more, johno! I heat exclusively with wood. I buy log length and buck, split and stack seven cords or more per year. Plus from the stack it has to get into the cabin. Prepare all my own kindling as well.

Then there's the gardens, chickens and I usually build a new shed or barn every year, too! The kicker is that I live alone and nothing gets done if I don't do it. Although I have found that a few of the ladies I see do enjoy a wood stacking workout now and again. That works for me!

My boys and daughter are all grown and gone and I can work circles around them. Labor saving devices are more like TIME saving devices for me. Its a great life here and I plan to remain healthy a long time to enjoy it.

My employment allows for a lot of hand work as well. Maintaining the roads in this state is a challenge at best and not every job can be accomplished by the use of hydraulics! Its good to be busy and go home tired!

hey monty , well said mate .it makes me grin the way people work extra hours or whatever to make more money to buy labour saving stuff like ride on mowers and things like that , then go to a gym or get a personal trainer to get in shape.the longer the hours they work the more labour saving devices they can buy so they dont have to work so hard , make sense , nope dont think so.
Gotta love it! The human body was meant to be worked. Sedentary "work" is actually abuse of the body and artificail "work" just means the poor puppies are fooling themselves! Real work accomplishes something; working out only produces sweat.

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