tree prunings

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Original poster
Aug 21, 2006
Hampton, Va.
I recently bought my new house and there is a peach tree on the property that is choked with pin limbs and needs a severe thinning. I know peach wood makes a good smoking medium. I figured I can kill two birds with one stone. Most of the branches are 1/8 to 1/4 inch in diameter. There is some inch to 2 inch cuttings as well. I know the wood has to be seasoned. that is not a probelm.
A couple things bother me. Do I skin the bark of off the branches? It will be easier while the wood is green, rather than seaoned. Are the smaller branches a waste of time? Lastly the peaches had a "peach scab infection", mainly due to not enough ventialation. Way too many small branches and leaves. Do I need to forget about the wood or can it be used?
Hi Hungry,

I was all set to say go ahead and use the tree prunings until I got to the part of your post that mentioned the peach scab disease. I am not really that familiar with that disease but all I have ever been told is NOT to use wood from any dead or diseased tree. If it was me I would burn it away from the tree and away from my food. I also have a peach tree and you will be needing to prune it every year, so get the disease under control and then use your trimmings next year.
That was pretty much my thoughts as well. Thanks for confirming what I thought. Happy smoking! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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