Treager brisket

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Sep 16, 2007
thawed a small brisket out
and seasoned it up with Oakridge Black Ops brisket rub
Never used it before and wow is it good. Didn’t have my glasses in while trimming and cut too deep. Ended up taking the flat off of the point
. Just glad I didn’t stab myself this time LOL.
I set the Treager at 180 and put the meat on at 8pm.
The flat hit 160 around 6 am. I wrapped the flat in butcher paper and let the small point ride nekkid. I didn’t add any fat or liquid to the wrap. I set the Treager to 225 and the flat was probe tender at 199 degrees and 8am ish.
I forgot what temp the point was tender at but it was butter smooth and finished right around the same time as the flat.
I let the point rest on the counter until it was 160 and couldn’t take it anymore. Sliced some off and wowza it was killer.
I sliced some of the flat to see what it looked like. The center is perfect. The end was tender but a tad dry. The flavor is perfect.

I have another larger brisket thawing. This time I will wear glasses and cook whole. I didn’t take many pics as I wasn’t gonna post since I goofed up trimming. But I figured someone else with a pellet grill may benefit from the time and temp of the flat.
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