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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by kanadan, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. kanadan

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    im starting my 250 gallon reverse flow soon, but im not sure what to do about a trailer. Im thinking of either a 2 jetski trailer, a 4x8 utility trailer or possible building a custom one. Any suggestions? thanks guys
  2. mr mac

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    With that much weight sitting on the trailer you may want to consider building one or paying for one with the capacity you'll need. All depends on how good you are with a welder and/or how deep your pockets are. As always, keep an eye on Craig's List and Ebay for a deal.
  3. rio_grande

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    For me the answer is build one, but I have the tools and equiptment to do it. I over build everything. but I rarely break things,,,, that I build.....

    That being said a trailer rated at 2000 lbs is rated for that for it's entire deck. Chances are your weight will be focused on a few points likely smaller than 2 in square. There are other ways that sperad the weight out but then the weight is concenterate in other spots and the same issues are present.

    Say you decide to support your weight on the trailer in 6 points. you can build your trailer with 3 crossmembers suffiicent in strenth to suspend the weight and catch those 6 points that will be tied together with like material capable of supporting the twist and weight of the crosmembers (think rectangle with crossmembers) hence a sufficent set of triangles (what supports the world) and a strong enough base to support your cooker with an over factor sufficent to repell additional forces such as pot holes and curbs at speed...

    I am terrible at explaing things I am much better at doing them.
    Basics use box tube at minimum of 2x2x1/4 inch.

    Good luck.
  4. scpatterson

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    My Lang is built on its own trailer.....Works very good

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