"Traeger BBQ070b "lil Tex"

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by ballagh, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I have a chance to buy this unit from a dealer brand new in the box for $625.  My only concern is if it is going to be big enough?  Right now I have the monster Propane smoker from BPS, a skinny one at the lake, and a few smaller charcoal ones.  Looking to try something new, but was wondering how much you can fit on this at once?





    Does anyonne have any experience with this unit?  Can you use any type of food grade wood pellet? Or do you have to use theirs?

    Any info would be appreciated.

  2. First open the pellet hopper and check when the unit was manufactured. I think the 070b is an old model. If in fact it is an old model, you will want to change the controller for the new model ($100.00). The Traeger 070E can be had for 799.00 or if you can go to a demo, they sometimes offer the 070E for 699.00. I use Bear Mountin Pellets in my 070E, $20.00 for 20lbs. You can get all the info you need by going to pelletheads.com.

         I don't know what your needs are for a smoker but the Traeger if well worth the money.

    Good Luck & Good Smoken

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    That is a pretty good deal. My neighbor just bought one. I tried to talk him into the TEXAS but he decided to go small. He is kicking himself now. [​IMG]  You will love it no matter which version you buy.[​IMG]

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