Traditional Salsa that can cooked down to a BBQ Sauce

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    The Traditional Way

    There is a trick to making the perfect Salsa. It’s all about color. ½ Red, 1/4 Green and ¼ white If you follow this recipe you can master the flavor every time.
    Traditional Salsa should have a sweet taste and then a burn afterwards.


    Tomatoes 10 lbs (You may use peeled and canned in the winter)
    Bell peppers 3 large
    Jalapenos 6-8 large (Start with a couple and add until you get the heat you want)
    Habanaros 4-6 large, either green or orange
    Onion 2 large -3 med
    Garlic 10 cloves
    Cilantro (1 bunch no stems just leaves)
    Lemon or Lime 2 large (I prefer Lime) you only want the juice
    Brown Sugar 1-3 cups (To Your Taste) add this a little at a time
    Water (If needed)
    Black Strap Molasses (Add this a little at a time)

    On Low/ Med heat start the tomatoes, Bell peppers, onions, garlic and lemon / lime juice in a large pot this is the base of salsa .Cook with the lid off. After about a half an hour start adding peppers and a good dash of cilantro add these a little at a time in order not to make it to hot. Start with a ¼ cup of brown sugar and small dash of molasses, (Taste) as this cooks down add more red, green and white you are cooking in layers. Add more brown sugar and molasses. I like to cook it at least 8 hours, but it can be cooked for up to 20 hours. Stir it allot and taste allot. So you know what you are making up to the last minute. Keep an eye on it because it will burn or scorch

    Sterilize jars, Pour the Salsa in with a ½ inch head space, Seal and put jars in a pot of water covering jars completely and boil for 10 minutes. Take them out and as they cool they will pop and completely seal.

    Salsa Verde
    (Green Salsa)

    Use the same ingredients as above, but replace the tomatoes with 1/4 green tomatoes and 3/4 Tomatillo

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