Tough Brisket. Help!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by tendriver, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. tendriver

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    Well, I just pulled my first brisket off the smoker. I ended up getting about a 1 to 1 1/2 in. thick brisket that was a little over 1.5 lbs.

    It smoked for about 3 and a half hours, then I thought it might be a little over-done, so I pulled it. Turns out I was right. It's rather chewy.

    The thermometer on the smoker was reading rather low, around 175, and I couldn't get the heat up anymore than that. Had a very hot fire in the box using Kingsford left over from my charcoal grill. I was throwing in some hickory from time to time as well.

    Turns out I didn't have a meat thermometer so I have no idea what the internal temp turned out to be, but the meat is about medium well looking.

    I can't complain at all about the flavor. It tastes great! Excellent smokey flavor, every bit as good as I've had at cook offs. I'm more concerned about getting my next one more tender. Any ideas on what I can do better next time?

    I'll have a meat thermometer for the next one, and I think I'll have to upgrade the thermometer on the smoker as well.

    I'm using a Pro 830, and I've heard the thermometer isn't all that accurate.

    Thanks ya'll.
  2. mossymo

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  3. billyq

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    That's kinda small for a brisket. Was it just a flat? I agree that you might wanna invest in a thermometer for your beast and the smoker. Usually, I take my briskets to at least 190 degrees in the flat. You can always wrap them in foil if need be. Just keep trying. that;s the best thing about Q, yuo get to eat your "mistakes".
  4. bbq bubba

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    1 1/2# brisket flat, i don't think so...and if it was, it wasn't overcooked but probably not done enough!! Don't need a meat thermometer for brisket, just poke it with a fork and when it slides in easy it's done.
    Get your thermo fixed, get a meat thermo and grab a camera for the next cook!! [​IMG]

    P.S. if it was chewy, you probably didn't cut across the grain.......
  5. glued2it

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    Mossy got ya covered there.

    Like billy said that's s small brisket. I think the smallest brisket I ever seen was 2.5# flat.

    Take your brisket up to 200º Cook to temp and not time.
  6. tendriver

    tendriver Fire Starter

    Thanks guys. You're right about the cut. Didn't think of that.

    Probably going to smoke another one tomorrow, and it will be bigger this time. I'll also hit the store and get a better thermometer for the rig, and one for the meat as well.

    I'll get the camera going as well. Just don't laugh at my yard![​IMG]
  7. glued2it

    glued2it Master of the Pit

    We're looking at your Q not your yard. That's why we call it Q-View[​IMG]

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