Tote that Propane Tank

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May 21, 2007
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Was watching a show and they flashed a quick picture of a 20 gallon propane tank sitting in a plastic milk crate.

You thinking what I'm thinking......

Check it out and see if your tank fits into one.

Would sure make taking them to the fill station alot easier and safer.
Have seen this before on a guys camping rig, Works very nice. Makes bottle much more stable in a "camping" setting. Plus they are are much easier to tote, and they ride beautifully in the back of your pickup.
I use 40# tanks for my GOSM and for my in cabin stove. Those plastic milk crates stabilize the 40's nicely, too! And of course 40's are much easier to handle than the larger ones. "Twenties" nest right into them,

I have 5 - 20 lb. and 3 - 100 lb. tanks, all the 20 lb. are in the plastic milk crates. The 100 lb. I set in the back of the pickup, against the tailgate, in the upright position and put a tie down strap around it and down to the receiver hitch. Between the weight of the tank which is setting on a rubber bed mat and the tie down the tank is very secure. I have traveled 200 miles with a tank in this position and it does not move a bit.
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