Topside Smoke Ring on WSM

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May 7, 2021
Hi Guys,
A few weeks ago I smoked a small topside joint ( I think in the US it's called Top Round?) in the WSM.
I've read some articles about poor smoke rings in the WSM so wanted to share a photo as I was quite proud...
The joint was injected before smoking which kept it moist and was given a simple sea salt, black pepper and celery salt rub. I kept it quite simple!


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Oct 3, 2020
Raleigh NC
what all did you inject that with, if you don't mind sharing
No injection used. Rubbed the night before and vacuum sealed. Next day smoke to internal temp of around 130, allow to rest until cool enough to vacuum seal and let go over night. Slice next day.... super juicy.
No vacuum sealer, just wrap in plastic wrap.

Better pic from another one

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