Took the plunge

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Master of the Pit
Original poster
Apr 17, 2006
Garden City, MO
After hearing everyone talk about how much they like these bad boys I just had to have one. I ordered it on Sat. so now I just gotta stare down the road and wait for the guy in brown shorts. :shock: I couldn't find stainless anywhere, so it will be the black one.

I read in some posts and reviews of them on Amazon and here that several people had received them damaged. I hope mine arrives in good shape. Most complaints claim that shipping carton is in good shape but the unit inside was dinged up and dented, sometimes affecting how the door seals. That almost makes it look like it is damaged at the factory instead of in transit.

I ordered mine through epod200. Has anyone received one from them (or anyone else) recently, and if so was it in good condition when it arrived?
I didn't see you mention it in this thread...but from all the clues it sounds like you have a Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain Big Block Smoker. 8) Congratulations on the GOSM. :D
That is the one Bob. I guess I should have put the exact one in the thread too. It was in the title line, but once you get in here I guess that don't do any good.

I did have to get a black one though. Rumor has someone bought all the stainless ones and won't share.

Got an update email today, GOSM is on the truck. Woohoo, it's gonna be here by Labor Day. :D

I ordered my GOSM through Home Depot and it arrived via common carrier, an 18 wheeler no less, and strapped to a pallet quite nicely! The GOSM was in perfect shape and has been a perfect joy since!

Good luck and congratulations on your choice! My GOSM big block gasser is the best thing I have done in a long time!

You know how it is with stainless .... people just have to touch it and get their fingerprints all over it. :lol: Mine, mine, mine.
Hee Hee, no I don't know, that was the problem. I can't get fingerprints on this rough 'ol black paint surface to save my tail. :P is here, and assembled, and so far a very good investment I believe.

GOSM arrived in top notch shape. No dents, no dings, no scratches. Craftsmanship seems impressive and I have never saw anything with such detailed easy to follow instructions and components labeled like these were.

One quick question and then if I have anything else I'll start a specific thread. I see per manufacturers instructions nothing is sprayed or rubbed on the inner surface to season the box. (lard, corn oil, veggie oil, olive oil)
Did anyone use anything like that or just run it dry to burn of paint and chemicals. Seasoning probably gonna have to wait til Sat. Gotta get to bed to get some sleep for work tonite.
Hey, Chad!

Congratulations on your new addition! As far as seasoning I followed the manufacturer's instructions first. Then I rubbed a bit of vegetable oil all over the inside and did a second seasoning with hickory and cherry chunks in the wood box.

I do believe tha the first seasoning is to get rid of anything in the manufaturing process and painting that can taint a smoke. Dunno if the second stage I did was necessary but I have no complaints on flavor! Period. And a neat side effect is that people walk past it when it is cold and think that something is smoking! Gotta love it!

And YES! The assembly is idiot proof and a delightful process!

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