took my camera to work today

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 30, 2007
texas , queensland
this may help explain a few things that was in my last post .
the first pic is what we call a scarifier and behind it being pulled by chains is a very small or light set of harrows.

pic 2 is one of our angus bulls and a few of his offspring.with one of our lucerne blocks in the background

pi3 is a few calfs that we are weaning from there mothers which would be the red santa cows in the background.

pic 4 more weaners .

that is the cross of cattle we have been using for quite a few years . black angus bull over red santa cows . they sell well to the large feedlots.

the last pic is not mine some one sent it to me by email a while ago and i thought i would share it . now i like pigs but not that much.




Look at all the beevies!! Reminds me of the many hours I spent a horse-back on roundups. Enjoyable? Not really but glad for the opportunity to learn that there are critters out there (cow and horse) that can be just as stubborn as I am!!

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