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Oct 16, 2006
Kingsburg, CA
Well, I have been here before but it has been a while so I thought I would kind of start over again. My name is Ian Parker and I live in Kingsburg,CA. I have been smoking for a little less than a year on and off. I have been using a char broil charcoal water smoker. I suppose after reading some of the postings that it is the same as an ECB. Extremely difficult to work with (at least for me) but created some good eats. I have focused mainly on poultry. I have done a couple chickens and a turkey. I have just recently ordered a GOSM and it should be here any day and I am already planning way too much. These forums have been extremely helpful and I look forward to begin interacting and getting to know you guys.
Welcome Ian -

Whatever your level of experiance or type of smoker there's alway someone here that is willing to share and help you along the way. Enjoy!
Welcom back to SMF! Keep on askin' those questions and the friendly folk here will keep on answerin'!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I am also a 1st time smoker and am going to try my 1st. recipe. I also have the cheapo Brinkmann. Can anyone help me with suggesting what to smoke for my 1st time?
Maybe something easier than others , while good eats.Thanks for all replies.
pork shoulder or butt is pretty forgiving. also ya gotta try a fatty(or 3)- you will be hooked & realize 1 lasts about 10 minutes w/ people around. p.s. get on over to roll call for a proper introduction- welcome to smf.
Welcome to SMF, we look forward to reading about your success and adventures. Be sure and check out Jeff's 5 day e course.
gypsyseagod;69591 said:
also ya gotta try a fatty(or 3)- you will be hooked & realize 1 lasts about 10 minutes w/ people around. QUOTE]

Am I right in thinking this is just breakfast sausage, like Jimmy Dean? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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