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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
Well its alittle after 4 am,I must be nuts,and I just loaded up the smoker.Im doing a eight pound butt for pulled pork,a turkey breast,some fatties,some trout and later Ill put on some ABT'S.This addiction to smoking is starting to scare me,my wife says I need professional help.
Gee dac, I may have "it" too. If you only are truely happy when you have soot and ash under your nails, you reek of smoke and animal fat, you cook in batches suitable for a small regiment and you can't wait to do it all again, does that count? Maybe we can get a group rate!!
I dug a tray of wings out of the freezer last night just so the weekend didn't pass without me smokin' something. :)
Dac, that sounds like a great way to start the day. My wife says the same thing, thinks I need to attend MSA meetings (meat smokers annoynemous). Funny thing is :roll: , they all welcome the spoils of our addiction. BEAR
Brother Dave, Brother Scott, and Brother Bear,

I know the comes on about wendsday afternoon at work..I start thinkin about it...wondering...contemplating...waving side to side...just what am I gonna smoke come Saturday morning...ohhh man...then I got Sunday too....gonna have to attack the freezer or the local market. Its a hard addiction....not the worst one I have by all means...once I kick the smokin cigarette thing...Ive visualized myself on a step stool hovered over my GOSM just takin it all in.
Good luck brothers......smoke on,
Fellers-my wife scared me the other day-She came up to me and said 'It's supposed to be nice this Sunday, what do you want to smoke?" I told her I'd give it a thought and get back to her. She then tells me that our "other" daughter is coming to dinner and is bringing the babies. She then gives me a choice of doing a Pork butt or a loin! :shock: I opted for the loin. :D
Dutch, my friend, methinks there is a serious "Uh Ooohhhhh" in there somewhere! Proceed with caution! Otherwise, enjoy the compliment!
BTW Settled into the new place yet?
Yep, settled right in, FINALLY got rid of the last stack of moving boxes and added a couple of Beagles to the family!! The neighbors are getting curious about the big black box (the GOSM) that sits next to the gas grill. One neighbor did come by on Sunday while I was doing my pork loin-said he could smell wood burning but couldn't see any smoke coming from any of the fireplace chimney so he had to follow is nose! When I get my camera back from my daughter, I'll post the pix's of last Sunday's smoke for you all to enjoy! :P is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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