Tonites smoke

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bbq bubba

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Feb 12, 2007
new baltimore, mi
Gonna try one of those alnite smoke's u guys talk about (on my ol ECB)
Wife's b-day party tomorrow, about 30 people, got a 10# brisket and a 7# shoulder, plan is to cook both tonite and pull in time to put in a cooler and take to the party and pull em out still warm...........practicing my timing skill's

here's the brisket needing a lil' trim, and a pic of it trimmed, slathered with mustard and a homemade rub

Can't forget about the shoulder, same slather and a diff. rub

will keep u updated, hit 70 and sunny today, finally.................spring
This could be the start of something wonderful! And I will echo Theresa! Keep us posted!

Since i got ya all drooling,
brisket went on about 8:30, here's meat temp and grate temp.........

figuring about 12 to 15 hrs on the beef, 10 on the pork, but u never know, that's what keeps it interesting!! gonna spray every hr with apple juice/bacardi mix, wrap at about 165, cook to i90 and unwrap to about 200 or so? I'll keep ya posted so no sleeping tonite! who's with me???

Oh ya.....................the thin blue smoke!!!

10:00 update, internal temp at 125, pit temp about 250 (what a difference the warm weather makes) gonna put the shoulder on about 11:00, pics coming then............
looking forward to the updates... meat looked good going in... waiting for more porn.

hi my name is Jeff and i have a problem..i am addicted to
O.K. ya porn junkies, here ya go.........11:00 update, brisket at 148 (nice)
re-rubbed shoulder and added some apple (mesquite on beef)

Its a beautiful nite, 54* and clear sky, nicest nite of the yearthis is one of the added bonuses of an all niter
that and a few beverage's

back ina couple hour's
Bubba, I hear ya on the beautiful night, bought time were getting some nice weather here!!! Looking great so far, now comes the long haul.......try to get a bit of shut eye if you have a beeping If not I'll catch ya in a bit.
looking very tasty....

the wife will love it no matter how it turns

its her birthday... women are allowed to lie on their

grab some winks
Mornin bbq fan's, i was to fuzzy to post as i went so i'll catch ya up
2 am ...brisket at 174*, wrapped in foil, forgot pic, pork at 128* sprayed and added some more apple

4 am...brisket at 206* ??? what happened to the plateau? wraped in towel's and put in cooler, pork at 148*, sprayed

6 am...pork at 158*

7:30...wife wake's me off of couch
go check on my dinner lol pork at 165*, generously spray and wrap

strange the beef cooked so fast but it looked great when i foiled it, so we'll see later (yes, i will have pics of the finished product)
but what a great nite....good smoke, a few beverage's, hardly ANY sleep and a beautiful sunrise

will post after the party Bubba
Wow, that brisket has me sratching my head. 10lb brisket went on at apprx. 8:30, and 7-1/2 hours later it's at 209* and the smoker was running around 250*. How can that be??? That's less than an hour a pound. Has me wondering......Iv'e had some briskets that don't stall either, but never cooked that fast. Are you sure your thermo is acurate??

Please let me know how it is when you slice that bad boy up!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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