Tonights Smoke...

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Jul 6, 2006
Hi Guys,

So here's the lowdown.

We had a couple friends over for dinner tonight, and we had decided we'd go for the Pork Butt since we're all pretty close, and if they died from my cooking it wouldn't be as big a deal... you don't want to kill a stranger, that's always a lot harder to explain.

So anyways... my wife whipped up the coleslaw last night... it was awesome. She also got a BBQ recipe from here and it was... wait for it... awesome. I rubbed down a Pork Butt (which is no longer called a Pork Butt here, but a Pork Shoulder Steak, or some such thing... don't remember exactly). We wrapped the butt and left it in the fridge over night... I got up today, had a few coffees and hummed and hawwed about getting it going. Well I put it on at 10:00am knowing it would be a minimum 7 hour run.

My temps were all over the place today... for some reason I just had a hell of a time getting it under control for more than an hour... maybe it's the cheap ass Charbroil H20 I bought. Anyway, we decide we're going to do some ABT's since we can't seem to go wrong with them and everyone (except my daughter) has loved them so far. So we're thinking four adults.... that's eight ABT's... well, they always get eaten, so let's just do 16... 16 turns into twenty for some reason and we're off!

Five hours into the pork butt smoke I put the ABT's on... OOPS! I can't baste with the apple juice without taking them off, and I'm not taking them because everytime that lid comes off it kills the heat! Oh well... so we let it ride. I stuffed these ABT's with mozarella and a slice of the Fatty (which didn't go so well, read the other thread) and they were awesome! AWESOME!

Everyone had at least four... we had two left at the end of night and our friends took them home. Apparently her dad is from SC and he knows the BBQ... hopefully I pass. I'm not sure how friendly the microwave will be to these since I've never had any left over before.

Ok... so on to the pork. Well it was a bit slow going. It took eight hours to get it up to pulling temp, and I wasn't really sure what to do with it after I pulled it off. I've read about putting it in a cooler, or wrapping it and letting it cool, etc. I was lost at this point, and I just kind of winged it hoping I remembered something from this site I had read. I pulled it off once it hit 200+ for a few minutes and wrapped it in foil to cool at room temp. I ended up grabbing a couple forks and saying...

"Well if it's not going to pull, we'll either be eating Pork Steaks or Snackers from KFC!".

This stuff was awesome.... it peeled off right off the bone, and shredded into bits. It might have been a touch "wet", so maybe it could have gone a bit longer, but it was a huge hit. I let everyone try a bit plain, pre-BBQ sauce and everyone loved it. I mixed in a bit of the BBQ sauce my wife made and we made sandwiches with it... homemade coleslaw, homemade BBQ sauce, pulled pork on fresh Kaisers, and some nice quarter dills. More of a lunch, but we're just learning, and it was AWESOME!

Our friend said her dad would love it, so we sent some home so he could try it out... hopefully he likes it. If not, I could care less, they were the best sandwiches (outside of a Reuben) I've ever had. Here are some pics... sorry I didn't get the pre-cooked on the pork, I keep forgetting to do the picture thing.

Pulled with some of the BBQ Sauce on it getting ready for a stir:

All mixed in and waiting for a bun! Are you going to eat that?:

Whose sandwich is that? Can't be mine! I always have beer with mine!:

One last thing...

I just want to say thanks again everyone. Having you guys to lean on has definitely made our smoking adventure far less painless and far more enjoyable!
Great Job, everything looks perfect. Is this site great or what? Lookout for the "Slawman" .. lol

Great pictures and an even better story. 8) Keep that up and they'll be asking you when you're going to open a restaurant.
Hey Tys!

I don't know what time it is in your part of the world, but here in the great state of Ohio it a little past noon, and that can only mean one thing....LUNCH TIME! Those awsome pics of your have given my appetite the perfect jumpstart!

Great job! Congrats on your success!

Another good smoke story, and pics to go with. 20 mins to lunch, and I can hardly wait. Keep inviting friends over and feeding them like that, you will be opening a restaurant. Still think a good sandwhich need BBQ chips, but the plate still looks good even with coleslaw all over the meal.

The 1st time I did pulled pork, we all gathered in the kitchen to get busy with the pulling. Most of the meat just got shredded amd eaten, very little made it to sandwhiches. Now of course I do everything while the family is busy, so I can present the entire dish.

Them ABTs looked great, I wonder how your friends'd father liked the left-over?
Marvelous looking food there Tys, with all that you don't need to worry about the Fattie.

Note to iceman, love the new avatar 8)
Good lookin' chow Tys!!!!!I'm off to the dentist, now that I chipped my tooth on my monitor :lol:
"we'd go for the Pork Butt since we're all pretty close, and if they died from my cooking it wouldn't be as big a deal... you don't want to kill a stranger, that's always a lot harder to explain"

that is the most logical thinking i have ever read before in my live. roflmfao :lol: :lol: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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