Tonights Smoke Finished

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Nov 18, 2006
Hi All -
Haven't posted a smoke in a while been running most weekends so I took advantage of the nice day and started smoking after work.

Did two full racks of ribs with Jeffs rub and finished with a bit of tomato base BBQ sauce since they won't get eatten for a few days.

Did two fattys rolled again in Jeff rub.

Did two stuffed red peppers with just a sprinkle of Jeffs rub

Did some stuffed mushrroms but someone ate the last corm muffin so a stole some nacho cheese corn chips and ground them up with cerlery, onion and more chopped mushrooms, salt peper and butter.

And did a few ABTs with cream cheese, onion, mushrroms and chopped fatty topped with bacon.

here they are going in ....



Deb, I must say, that looks like artistry made for eating! (Hell, is artistry a word?). BTW, you foil? Used Jeff's rub for the first time and as everyone says, it is very, very good. Didn't foil the spares and the sugar carmalized too much........OK they burned alittle too much. Next batch wont use so much sugar. But still very tender, tasty, and oh so good.
a FEW ABT's? I guess I underestimate their goodness.

BTW debi, you may want to post the pics. Teasing me is only gonna get my keyboard wet.
Crew -

Yes I did foil about four hours in and opened for the last 45 minutes. I also sprayed with apple juice. I really like Jeffs rub I make it a gallon at a time only thing I do different is add a cup of tomatoe powder. I'm Italian gotta have my tomatoes!

Brennan -

That's only14 jalepenos cut in half (that's all they had at the store). I usually do two racks full. Love those little buggers! Guess I don't bring any to work this time!
A Turbinado or Muscavado sugar in place of the dark brown sugar would clean that little problem right up crewdawg. I am surprised it burned like that. I have used Jeff's rub on a brisket before and not even had that happen then.

Nice looking groceries Debi.
Once again looks great Debi. I just finished putting all my meats in marinade and thier rubs, tucked them in and read them a bedtime story so they will sleep well and be ready for the big smoke tomorrow... by the way what did you stuff the red peppers with?
Muchas Gracias Senor! Yea, I kept the temps around 240 +/- 10. Didn't foil, spritzed with AJ. Oh well, one hell of a tasty "lets go back to the drawing board"!
Nice job Debi!! BTW-where did you get your tomato powder?
Heya, Debi!

Didja dehydrate your owm tomatoes into powder? That's one of my favorite things to do with over production.

Still trying to ferret out that recipe I have for a dried Bloody Mary mix. As soon as I do I will post it!

I usually make my own tomatoe powder but ran out around March I found some online from 'The Ingrediant Store'

It takes me several days to make tomatoe powder at this price I may just keep buying it! I usually stew em first, then, mill, then make paste then powder. Not as sweet as mine but that's easy to fix. I also tried the dried red and green peppers, they make a great additive to sausages and fatties. They taste amazingly like fresh especially the red ones which are my favorite. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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