tonights ham dinner

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Dec 14, 2006
Everett Washington
Well smoked a 9 lb ham for dinner, along with ranger72's garlic mashed potatoes and corn.....was gonna do dutch's wicked beans but alas....I quickly discovered I was missing key ingredients in the pantry and was really rushed for next time...... these hams really like to suck in the smoke and are sooooooooo tasty especially the next day cold......if there ever is any left over......only have the finished porn, like I said....was kinda rushed tonight........
The ham looks great smoked......mmmm....mashed taters and gravy, if the gravy is good you could put it on cardboard and I'd probably eat it!!
he he he yea, usually I would dump gravy all over the ham....but when it's smoked it don't need it!!!!! man it's tasty that way, but then again....everything is better smoked!!!
smoked-looks really great!! just so you know, us southern type fellers like a good country gravy to go with our ham and smashed tatters!
it was a smithfield bone in, 9 lb ham....picked up at wally world some time back for dirt 94 cents a pound I think...... mopped her good with yellow mustard and dusted with the rub I use on everything....then gave her a good run in the smoker with hickory.........ummmm ummm good........ or as alton brown says...."them is good eats" and it gets better the next day!!!!!!
Was it a fully cooked ham? I have read some recipes for double smoked ham that look pretty good, and I have smoked ham chunks coated in maple syrup that turned out well.
Man! I fully agree. Smoked ham is truly hard to beat. I smoked a 20 pounder for last Christmas, barely fit in the ECB, I measured it before I bought it. It was a BIG hit with all the family. They all wanted to know how I "cooked it".
Now you got me watching the ads for a ham sale!
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