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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
i blew a wad on meat today ( oh yah like thats a suprise here). 2 ribeyes @ 12.00, beef back ribs @ $5.00 something, brats @ 2.78,generic fatty(4lb) @ 4.78,& pork butt ribs $7.50 fer 2 lb.(new to me too- it's fer to carne guisada),and a family pack of chops fer $10.00something for 8 of them.
well the ribeyes are done, the ribs are wrapped w/ about 30 to go,pork steaks are done and the fatty & brats are coming along nicely. i'll post the pics when it's all done.
Wow! a 4lb Fatty, I think I've died and went to heaven
ok folks, here it is. the fatty was 14" long & stuffed w/ cheddar jack,garlic paste,& pepperoni on 1/2. everything came out tender & great smoke rings (even the ribeyes). the ribs were almost falling off the bone and i cut the last stage a few mins short cause it started pouring down rain & i was losing heat.anyway, hope y'all enjoy the Qview.
Now theres a full smoker. That is one mammoth size fatty.
Now I'm hungry again and I just got done eating leftover beer can chicken.
B E A Utiful !!! I love it!! I am going to have to try smoking ribeyes. I love to grill them(a.k.a. sear both sides and serve it moo-ing), but I think this would be a great thing to try...

Keep up the good smoke!
As always Gypsy, awesome job! Tell me more about that 100 year old burn box... whatcha gonna do with it?
Impressive, very impressive! And great photos, too!

Thank you for sharing all that with us.

Breakfast is over and I'm headin' back to the fridge!

it used to heat this house, but now i just use it for pre-burning sticks and keeping warm when i Q during the winter. i was going to blast it & repaint it but i like it better rustic (or rusty).it's cast iron btw & it will warm the whole porch. it is also made by the same company that made our propane fireplace.
Nice! I love old iron... I've been drooling over an old wood burning stove, but I'd have to add on to my house to fit it inside. Nothing like wood burners!
yeah my mom in law has a brand new 6 burner double oven that won't fit in their new house... maybe i should "liberate" it from her. ooh i saw i broke the thousand post mark. whoohoo
What a fatty. I hae been trying of what to do this weekend and a the ribeye sounds like a great idea. The smoke has made me longing the weekend and next smoke. Good job.
I too love wood heat in my house. Have 2 wood burners here. Would love to not even use the gas funace this winter... Everything on your menu looks great by the way..
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