tomorrow's cook

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Master of the Pit
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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
h.d. was outta that rancher coal so i scored a couple bags @ lowe's -rancher lump @4.77 ea. for bags,off to wally world(10 am it's already 101f) grabbed a beef bottom round for (the other-gypc's) italian beef sammies), a pork butt(to me thats a back leg trimmed boneless hind quarter w/ just a slight fat skin-not even a fat cap- a shoulder is the front leg-bone in w/ hide on it), rack of pork spares,2lb fattie log,& 3lb of burger log-73/29 for stuffing for sghetti meat & simmered(after smoking) hamb steaks. also grabbed a taylor digi therm( thats all they had), and going back inthe morning for a $99.00(up to 8lb) electric slicer...

got the ribs rubbed & wrapped( where's jeff's rub mail-gotta check on that)w/ balsamic,worchy,fajita,garlic,& my own rub,

gypc's beef roast wrapped overnight in- soy,worchy,thyme,oregano,lemon,beer,basil,blackeni ng season,white pepper,& my own italian season,

the pork- 1905 spicy mustard,beer,fajita spice,uncle chris',garlic,& injected w/ balsamic.

the fatty is wrapped in bacon,stuffed w/ rotels,garlic paste,cheddar,&jal jack cheese,soaked in arrogant bassard ale

and the burg is stuffed w/ sauteed onions,garlic paste,lipton onion soup mix,mild rotels,mushrooms,& bell peppers among other secret spices.

can't wait to smoke tomorrow- pics to come.
Hey Gypsy, with all the wood you got on your place, why do you buy charcoal?
Is it just easier? Terry
Damn fine menu Gypsy, that's alot of grub! Can't wait to see the results...
WHAT, no ABT"s??....................a lil bit of heat and you get lazy on us!!

I'll give ya credit for even attempting to cook in that heat, look forward to the pic's and try to stay cool!!
got stuck in town today & just got home so i'll have to get it started in the am. but i did go to lowe's & scored a waring pro model fs150 7&1/2" slicer for $99.00- now i'll really be dangerous. p.s. our local lowe's also had advertised the chargriller smoke n pro w/ firebox for $119.00.
i'll get started on the cook early in the a.m. and do pics as i go along. p.s.s. the thermo reads 104 on the deck right now.....
sorry- had to go support bud & tonto- had the pit lit & everything- but my fridge stays a constant 36-38 so the meats still good & doing this early tomorrow (sunday).after smelling the opening of the fridge & sampling bud & tonto's food- i durn near lit the pit again @ 7pm tonight but just too wore out for the baby & an all nighter.....definitely on fer sunday- the meat is still fresh & cold & the 48 hr vac seal marinade.... but i can smell the rubs.... whoohoo- will do series pics as promised....
p.s. gypc- got yer cd today... now that is great music to cook to... y'all should really pick up gypc's cd- just click on his link.... the man is a great musician....not to mention a durn good cook.
got everything on the pit. stuffed burger for spag sauce,2lb fatty,rack of pork ribbies,butt for pulling,rump roast for gypc's italian sammies,chix 1/4's for chix salad & quesadillas,and elephant garlic. more pics to come. oh yeah... broke down & bought 1 a them digital thingamabobs a taylor cheapie(all lowe's here had).
Isn't he just totally awsome? I clicked the link thinking okay this is probably gonna be another hacker wannabe but at the first note I knew it was gonna be great! Brian aka Gypc has got to be one of the greatest guitarists I have even heard and - at my age I have heard some of the best!

I was simply amazed and mezmerized by his talent!
Hey Gypsy, how long do ya smoke the garlic? Have you ever smoked peanuts? They are to die for. I like them pretty brown, not white, so I smoke them at 275 for a few hours, in the shell. I hope your not too hot today, its 65 here now, but the fire is now almost 93,000 acres. Supposed to get rain tonite.
i smoke normal garlic about 3 hrs. looka the size of this elephant garlic- it's the same size as the vidalia onion i have on there. prolly about 4 hrs.-smoke it until it becomes soft & after,take a spoon & spoon out the soft cloveinnards for garlic paste. and btw, the deck thermo(in the shade) is reading 108f right now..
pic @ about 3 hrs.
Yumm!!!!!!!!!!! When do we eat? Looks awesome and thanks for the kind words and from Deb!!
went to 145 on the beef- wrapped & rested for 2 hrs- added the juice back & back on for another hour or 2. best ribs i have ever done. spag meat & fatty done & pulled the garlic. vidalia onion, chix, & pork butt still on @ 275 w/ pure hickory & sugar maple. gypc- the whole platter @ about 7pm- come on down- i got a few guitars & basses,not to mention the studio- yer stuff is awesome bro.great to sip rum & cook by.even baby aimee loves it... she goes right to sleep- soothing flamenco- more pics to come.
pulling the pork now - pics on the way.... it finally frikkin' rained just as i pulled the pork off the grill. gypc's sammies were so good off the slicer....yum- i'll have to post pics tomorrow of that. - and his music just ... well it just "IS"... spend the ten bucks & the $2.25 shipping & support yer smf braddah- i guarantee- ya won't regret it .... even Debi endorsed it w/ love.....great w/ beer,rum & the thin blue.....
don't mistake kindness for honesty's both... but asa musician - i'd never give props unless duly ...well... damn bro- you have a god given talent ..more than i give acknowledgement where it's due...when yaneed some bass just call- we're not that far apart is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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