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Tomato Sauce/Yellow Tomato soup, Recipies, w/Pics


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i thought about doing a toot type thread on this but just never got to all the pics needed. but i had a buncha tomatos ripe and had to do something with them so figured i would can them. my mom used to make just tomato juice unseasoned and then later on bring it up as needed and furthur process it. but if i am gonna do it i am going to make a finished product otherwise things tend to not get done.... so i decided i am going to make some tomato soup and some tomato sauce.
got a bunch of constelleto genovese and san marzano heirlooms.

washed, cored, chunked and put in stockpot to simmer away. after simmering for an hour or so ran into a food mill to remove seeds and skins. end up with a real smoth sauce,

add the remaining ingreds and simmer to reduce to thicken. my recipie calls for tomato paste to help out with the thickening but i am sure you could reduce it more as well.

reduce till desired thickness and jar up.
I also had some yellow tomatos. Gary Ibenson(sp) golds, and Persimmon variety. Both of the yellows put out a large fruit, had only one plant of each, but plenty of fruit. thought it would be neat to have some yellow tomato soup...

core(the yellow hardly had a core...) chop into chunks and like the sauce simmer them away for about an hour.

run them tru the food mill to remove skins and seeds. add ingreds and simmer away till desired thickness.


jar it up...

the yellow stayed a bright yellow but as it started to thicken it darkened some. here is a side by side between the red sauce and the yellow soup.


here are recipies for both if anyone wants to try this at home, follow all safe canning procedures, can be done in a water bath method. sterile jars and lids are a must. if you look on the net all the info is there including adding some lemon juice or citric acid to bottom of each jar. note all the herb qty's are for dried herbs... X by 4 if using fresh.
Tomato soup
after removing the skins and the seeds need to measure about how much you have' per quart you need....
2 " stix of cellery
1/2 onion
1 tea. basil flakes
salt and pepper to taste
simmer till soup reaches the desired consistancy, make sure is seasoned to taste. run through the food mill again for a smooth soup or through processor to chop up celery and onions as desired. (this part i dont get, i wanted the smooth soup so no issue for me but if you wanted carcasses of the celery and onion left in why not just chop to desired size from the start???) reheat and can.
Tomato Sauce
per 16 cups of quartered tomatoes....
4 cloves garlic(i used 8)
4-12oz cans tomato paste
3/4 cup sugar(1/2 cup white, 1/4 cup brown)
2 tea seasonall
2 tea pepper
1 Tbl worchestire sauce
4 bay leaves
2 tea oregeno
4 tea basil
2 Tbl parsley
1/2 tea italian seasoning
8 boulian cubes(4 beef, 4 chicken)+
simmer til sauce reaches desired thickness, taste and salt as needed. run through food mill again. re heat and can.
thks for cking my pics...


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Very nice E!

I am having tomato soup tonight. CANNED! YUK!
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Those Costoluto Genovese tomatoes look awesome. Where does one get seeds for those? I want to grow some next year with my San Marzanos and Romas.


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Man oh Man there Erain that looks windeful and I know tastey too. Now I want to grow some more tomatos this year but wher do I get some seeds for the heirloom tomatos at?? Then that's the first yellow tomato soup that I have ever seen. It looks great too.


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Mmmmmm E! Glad this thread popped back up. Looks wonderful. I can imagine how yummy that is going to taste this winter....


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Very nice Erain! That's gonna make some yummy soups and stews this winter! Beautiful pictures too!

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