todays smokeout

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Apr 10, 2007
Arlington, TX
I took the day off today to do a lil fishin this morning. Caught a few bass and some sand bass.
But it got hot quick out there, supposed to be 103 today.
I am smoking some pork ribs, a whole chicken, 2 fattys, some fresh picked corn, a beef sausage link, and some abt's. I got the chicken brining in beer,water,salt,cracked pepper,garlic,onion. Its been brining since I left at 4am this morning. Im gonna do a beer can chicken. The fatty will be stuffed with sauted onion,pepper,garlic, & whatever else I can find laying around, and then rubbed. Gonna rub the ribs with mustard and grub rub and do the 3-2-1 method. More pics to come.
Dang it all man ... Texas is just too far for me to make it for dinner!
try and have a good time without me ... eh?
Looks like someone is gonna eat good tonight!
Heck when it's that hot, you could probably do a "cold" smoke set up with how hot that smoker would get just settin out in the sun!
Yep its not hard keeping the temp at 250 today. Luckily my smoker sits under a carport and 2 huge pecan trees. The thermo is reading 88 degrees in the shade. Not too bad. Im using pear wood and the smoke is invisible, but yet still burns the eyes.
Got the ribs on, gotta go make fattys now.
looks like a great day in the making....everyone should fish on monday-it should be a 1 good thing about the heat low&slow.. that brinkman will go easy on the fuel. i only burned 1/2 of a normal load yesterday.
Heres a little update. Smoker is still holding steady at 250. The ribs are at the 3 hour mark, time to take 'em out and wrap 'em in foil.

Heres the corn. I peel back the the husks on the each ear of corn. Remove the silk but not the husks. Place the ears in a large pan and fill with water to cover the corn. Let sit for several hours. Remove from water and brush the corn with olive oil. Fold the husk back over it and put on smoker for about 2 hours.

Heres my full smoker. The chicken has a broken leg.
Well everything got devoured as soon as I brought it in the house. I guess it was pretty good. I managed to snap 1 pic of it right before I took it off the smoker. Now I'm full and its time to go watch Dog the bounty hunter.
I left the fishes at the lake. Just catch & release today. I dont like to clean fish unless I have 20 or more. And my freezer is still full of all the striper we caught last year. I really dont care for smoked fish too much. I save my fish for camping trips. I like to throw a big fish fry with hush puppies and french fries when we go camping.
lol, no I didnt fish lake arlington. I fished Joe Pool this morning. I'm planning a trip to Texoma next weekend to do some sand bass fishing. I heard they're schooling up there.
I haven't caught any Tilapia since I went to Fairfield. You can only catch them with a bow & arrow, or crossbow, or a spear if your good. Bowfishing for Talapia is tons of fun.
actually if ya get some cheap caviar or chix livers on small perch hooks... talipia live off other fishes eggs....even their own- hence the kill rule- they can deplete a lake in 2 years- 200 tilapia can kill a 100,00sq acre lake in 1 year.even female tilapia take the eggs in their mouth until hatching to keep the males from eating them- it's a texas freshwater pirahna as far as fish & game rules state. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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