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Meat Mopper
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Mar 12, 2006
Mobile, AL
I figured I would break the new Char Griller in properly. Got up at 4 a.m. and got everything going. At 5 a.m. I put on an 11lb. brisket and 2 butts and fatty. After while I will be adding 3 slabs of baby backs and some corn. Should be a fun day. I will post some pics later.
Sounds great, lookin forward to the pics
At almost 4 hours in things are going niceley. Temps were running a little hot, but I just over estimated the amount of charcoal to start out with. Here the current Qview....

Looks good! I see you inverted the main chamber charcoal pan to act as a baffle. I have not done that yet. I set a couple of disposable lasagna pans on the charcoal grate to act as drip pans, and they seem to also act as a baffle. I experience about an 18 degree difference from the fire box side to the stack side. What is your experience with that?

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Yes, I have it inverted. The fire box side is currently @ 239* and the stack side is @ 236. I have the fire box side up high and the other end basically sitting on the bottom. It has stayed with 10* most of the time. I had to play with it this morning to get it right.
Here's the rest of the Qview. I forgot to take pictures of the corn, the fatty and the 12 boneless skinless chicken breasts...



Hey Wes,
I'm over here is Seagrove Beach (just west of Panama City) and it's really not that far from Mobile. That's some mighty fine looking Q there and I just thought that if you might have a few scraps left over then perhaps............ anyway that really looks great. I love the smoke ring in your brisket. Great pix and thanks for posting them.
We're practically neighbors. Everything was vacuum sealed and frozen for later consumption. We didn't eat any of the brisket. I only tasted one little piece and it was awesome. It wasn't ready until we had already eaten the ribs. Being my first real cook with the Char Griller, I was amazed to see a smoke ring. I never really got that with the GOSM. I got a much better bark on everthing also. With the charcoal basket I made I was able to almost 6 hours without refueling. After that I just had throw some more charcoal in now and then. I think I'm really gonna like this smoker.
They look geat as a newbie can't wait to do a shoulder or butt to make some good pulled pork so far I just smoke spare rib tips and country style ribs. good luck and good smoking
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