today's smoke (working it for the photo contest)

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
doing another big smoke.will post pics for the contest when it's all done. it's hot outside & the race is on & the "bud pops" are going down like koolaid- they get warm after 1/2 a bottle so they get sacrificed to the cook(as in the cooking- not the cook- as in me) lol.i'll be more eloquent(i can still say & spell that & know the definition @ this point)in the contest post.just came from the local store & the pulled brisket recipe i posted the other day was -accordingto 3 of the employees there.... "the best dang brisket i have ever eaten".now i'm paranoid i'll screw up todays smoke. p.s. i'll give y'all this- i made a 2lb rotel,home smoked garlic paste,cheddar fatty- i tried to pinwheel it but couldn't so it ended up 21" long-can't wait for ya to see the pics ( i have the tape laid out to measure it)'s a 4 spatulator 5000 special....
Gol dang it Gypsy, I just made a smart a** comment to you, and I couldn't remember the main point, which was, "its, barley POP" , so, in trying to retrieve what I said, I lost it! Dang!! I also lost pictures of BigArm MT on fire, beautiful sun set, I hope my friend can get them back. If so, I will send them, Ok, I found the barley pop. Time to hit it.
i forgot to say i used "unit 1"- shewas feeling left out & actually had a spiderweb on that just ain't right.
oh terry, they were supposed to be called "budcickles" as i had them iced down reeaaall good.
Budcickles, I can live with that, we used to party in the winter, around, "Lake Mary Ronan" in NW MT, very often, the "barley pop" would be half way froze, so, we had to drink mo faster to keep it thawed? Seemed to work at the time, to bad I'm too damn old to do that now.
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