Today's Other Big Ol' Butt

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Jul 16, 2006
Northern NY (Adirondacks)
On another thread

I sort of said that jamiebodie and I would have duelling butts going today.

I'm doing a pork butt today for guests coming over tomorrow. I will smoke, cook, and pull the pork, mix in some of soflaquer's finishing sauce, place in a foil pan and cover refrigerated overnignt. Tomorrow I'll heat it up in the covered foil pan in the oven at 250F for an hour or so and then serve. Tomorrow "Dutch's Wicked Beans" will go in the smoker.

Here is the first pic. Just before foiling.



That butt is going to be very very hard to beat!

Do we all get samples or is this a visual contest?

Looking great so far meowey

Well Illini,

If you can get here by tomorrow at 5PM there will be plenty to share. Or, maybe I can call a retired veterinarian friend who is also an Illini and share by proxy.


It won't be much of a contest since this is my first butt. I am at about to go out and foil mine now, I will try to get a pic.


Don't sell yourself short. I enjoyed the first butt I smoked every bit as much as each subsequent one. I figure the folks around here might enjoy the food pron.

Have fun and enjoy your smoke.

Have been in your great state but south of you probably. We go through Syracuse and Albany on our way through Vermont to visit my brother who lives in Durham NH. It is 1 and 1/2 days from here to Albany so will be late for the party. Would appreciate pics of the finished product though!

Congratulations on your recent appointment to OTBS


We are about 3 hours north of Albany and about 4.5 hours from Syracuse if you turn north there. (Near Lake Placid) Thank you for the congrats. Will post more pics later.


That......................butt......... ..........uh.. ...............................beautiful.

Kinda brings a tear to my eye! :cry:

:lol: :lol: 8)
Let,s see Meowey has Butt and Beans.
Jamie has Butt, Ribs, and BCC
Looks like Jamie gets extr points for diversity.

You guys are making me very hungry!

What is your route through Vermont, Illini? I'll bet you pass fairly close to my location. Do you follow out through Route 2?

Monty: No we take the very scenic route 9 (Bennington to Brattleboro) then on toward Keene NH. Simply gorgeous country especially when the leaves have turned

Gotcha! I am settled into the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Still a pristine area but changing too rapidly!

Ok folks, here are the final pics.

I'm also going to give jamie points for diversity.

Although I did smoke two fatties that we had for breakfast, which included my boss from work who stopped by to ask me a couple questions. I put a couple slices of the fatties on toasted english muffin halves, sprinkled with shredded cheese and broiled. (I made a few points with the boss this morning.)

Also some Hebrew National All-Beef hot dogs made an appearance in the smoker and became the mid-afternoon entertainment for the "real" boss and myself.

Now to the pork.

Just unwrapped from a two hour rest in the cooler.


The bone is falling out all by itself.


Pulled and sauced. Ready for tomorrow.


Well Illini, is it worth the trip?


I posted pics of mine finished, no pulled pics as it is time to eat.

Meowey, great pics, I will be there some day.

Jamie (not too bad for a rookie) Bodie
Great job and your guests are in for a real TREAT.
I will not be making the trip with the price of gas you know! But I will thaw some of my last and tip a cold one in your direction.

Good looking butt there Meowey!! Making my mouth water. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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