Todays grub

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smoke freak

Original poster
Jul 14, 2007
Started at 6:30 while it was cool to smoke some chedder and some pepper jack. Now its time to prepare the fattys. one will be my regular which is ground round stuffed with roasted peppers, dryed tomatoes, lots of cheddar and lots of diced pepperoni. the other will will be some awsome sausage from our local butcher that has BACON in it. When I start the fire I'll throw on some smoked sausages (just a glorified hotdog). Dont care how hot they cook, just addin some flavor. After the fire stabilizes and the cooker is good and warm, on will go 4 slabs of back ribs and some german sausage links. Keep hearin about Dutches wicked beans but dont have the recipie. Help? cant wait to eat!

Enjoy..And post pics!
No camera, no pics. Probably couldnt figure out how to send em anyway. Im better with my cooker than I am with this computer. I hope!
Thanks for pointing Smoke Freak in the right direction AZ.

Hope ya enjoy 'em S.F.
Thanks for the link. Saved the recipie for another day. No time for shoppin when the smoke is rollin. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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