today's feast

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Master of the Pit
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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
here's pics of prepping my version of the super breakfast omelette fatty w/ step by step instructions.
oiled up a gal zip & rolled it out inside for the shape. p.s. thats ducttaping 2 spreads of oiled wax paper for the width.
also coming-
3 boneless chix breasts- italian dressing/beer soaked/peperjack stuffed/bacon rolled.

3 boneless beer/fajita spiced/abt stuffed chix breasts

2 boneless turk breasts-spiced & injected for sammie meat

1 rack pork spares w/ jeff's rub
i'll post pics as i go.
all to be done w/ mesquite chunks,maple sticks,& hickory scraps.
I saw this to late to make it there for breakfast
It's sounds great
got everything prepped & on the pit @ 250 i'll post the updated pics when i wrap the ribs around 3:30. decided to add 2 ribeyes w/ my "secret" marinade. just unwrapping this stuff this morning it smelled good enough to eat raw. some day the internet technology will allow us scratch & sniff posts
waiting until it's all done to post the pics- going on 7hrs @ 225 & cut the skeet- sweetening up w/ hickory & maple- spritzing w/ lemon,apple,cran,evoo, & the rib juice from the wrap....ready to gnaw on anything right now it smells so good.....
Gypsy, The air flow here is from the SE. Your BBQ, I think I can smell it!!!! I'll be right there. I'll help you split wood, and stack it, but I ain't changing no poopy diapers!
I will however, hold and love your sweet baby girl.
aww man- it's all done- looks good & tastes even better(i hate being a perfectionist) but it was good. the pics are good but as to color (for newbies)-that classic glaze color.... i didn't use a glaze or a bbq sauce- thats just good wood,meat, & low heat w/ a quality spritz.i truly think this is 1 of my best smokes to date- getting really dialed in on my pits. was an 8 hr smoke- 275-300 for 2 to 3 hrs pouring the mesquite & rancher lump to it then backed off to 200-225 w/ hickory scraps from a fallen stump & maple sticks from 1 of the shade trees.....
p.s. - on a brink it's "go big or go home"- lots of cooking room to fill it up(1000 sq. inches w/ the rack) & lots of fuel- for this whole cook i burned around 4 lbs of rancher lump, 6 lbs of skeet chunks(good ones-large), and maybe 6-8 lbs of real wood scraps- gotta take pics of that so ya know what i mean. got a 4-6ft. diameter fallen hickory stump from last year- i just machete off a chunk here & there... the sugar maples are shade trees- i grab the fallen sticks- about 1-2" in diameter & fit them in or what i cut last spring. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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