Today`s smoke~out !!

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meat~smoker in n.j.

Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jan 1, 2007
south river,
Well for starter`s i got my chicken leg quarter`s brineing since last nite ,gonna pull them and wash soon ,then give them a rub down 2-small pcs(2.5lb)ea pork loin~gonna use jeff`s naked rub and a mob of apple juice,worcheshire& bourbon, 1-slab of pork spare ribs also with jeff`s rub ~(3-2-1) method using same mob ....and 2-fatty`s ....the question i got is with the fatty`s ...since i never did 1 b-4 ??? do u use a rub and what temp should i pull them off @ , since there gonna be for breakfest tomorrow .... ok gonna check bak soon gonna go & start getting ready !!!!
no rub needed on the fatties, just a 3 hour smoke is good, flip after 1.5 hours....they should end up at 170 by then if your puffing at about can if you want rub them, but I have found they taste damn good without......we like the sage and if you didn't see the thread on the "mega fattie" experiement I did....well then you missed out!!!!!! sounds like a good smoke session thou.....

get some colby jack or pepper jack cheese for them fatties also....and the mini-bagels work good also....unless you do the mega fattie...then you can use the real size stuff!!!
Hey Meowey dinner arond 4,,, put i can wait till u get here , i`ll have the mrs wait on the veggie`s ,, but noon time is beer time !!! lol

hey bill (smoked) thanks for the tips !!! will be check`n @ time !!

I was in the middle of posting this reply when the server went down. Don't hold the veggies for me. I threw a butt in the smoker.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


hey bud , i know what u mean ,, i steped away , came bakk 10 mins later ...omg no forums ,, i was upset !!! lol well go to my other thread~ Today`s Smoke ,,,pics are there !!! it turned out great ,,, i`m really starting to really enjoy this new hobby !!! ps plaease pass the word thanks bud !!! meowey !!!
yea, I was in the middle of looking at a post when it the shakes, had to jump up, get a beer then go watch my smoker as the almonds were being done.....
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