To rub or not to rub.

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Aug 17, 2007
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I have seen the discussion somewhere but I would like to know what makes you decide whether to marinade or to rub.

I tried to find where I saw this before but have been unable to find it again.
A marinade is done to serve 2 purposes, add flavor (same as a rub) and to act as a tenderizer. A rub adds flavor and helps with the formation of the crust. A marinade will only penerate so deep, so if you were to try to marinade a butt for example, you could very well end up with an outer layer that is kind of mushy and an interior that is still unaffected. When you are doing the low and slow kind of cooking, the cooking process of allowing the connective tissue to break down creates the tenderness making a marinade unneccessary in my opinion.

I only marinade smaller cuts (and lean cuts at that) that are going to be cooked quickly (boneless chicken breast on the grill for example) and leave the big cuts or meat that is going to be cooked slowly alone and let the cooking process do its thing

Just 2 cents from the new guy here.
You maybe new but definitely a good thought there. # of posts don't exactly indicate intelligance or authority. Heck I am new as well ;)

Thanks for your 2 cents!
vlap, if you're doing a big cut like a packer brisket or shoulder/butt etc. you can always inject a marinade- sometimes i do both,rub & inject. either way- using a catch pan & making a finishing sauce or au jus is great after the meat has been pulledor sliced. my .02 too
I brine poultry and that is it. Rest is just rubbed. Marinades are too much work

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Joe sounds like he's done this for a while. You better get to post'n to teach us more! You hold'n out on us?

I don't do much welcome'n, so many new ones all the time.

Here's my welcome to you two.........your welcome.
True True. I guess I just feel a little self conscious about all the posting I have done my first day here.

I am certainly no expert but have done a lot of smoking and know what works for me.
Some people don't think jumping out of airplanes is very bright either and I did that for 3 years ;)

Not only am I holding that shark but I am in waist deep water a LONG way from shore. Glad momma wasnt close.

The shark was released though and swam away strong.

Thanks for the welcome big al.

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I am getting ready to try that in September. Can't wait, my wife thinks I am insane (maybe she is a little right ;)).

Take care,

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