to our patriots

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May 5, 2007
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i thought this fit w/ us well, as we have our share of vets,active service men & women, & parents of soldiers. i think tim says it well & this video does it justice... we all hate to think of the ultimate sacrifice for freedom... but it broke me down & i thought i'd share. to all our's... god speed & god bless... stay safe & be vigilant.
Thanks, that's a new one, I saw the one showing him singing. I went to too many memorial services. Thank-You for posting it and thanks to all have served and those now serving
trece- another special thanx to your son again for putting freedom ahead of personal safety... thats what marines do. just ask him for me- when he gets back in theatre to thank that squid that serves as medic on his team.cause us navy boys do that.and if ya will,post an anonomyous p.o. box- (speaking for us all out of turn as i usually do)- we will adopt your soldier & send him goodies and care packages from smf. hey gang- good idea ?
We have alot of our Seabees rotate in and out of the big sandbox and they always ask for hard candy and flavored coffee creamers. They also like those new Ice tea to go thingys and single packet Crystal light thingys so they can keep them in their pockets and has a nice drink when they get a chance.

I sent one unit a Mr Beer Brewing kit and they love it!
also- girl scout cookies & letters....i have our 11 yr old in my boots & brown shirt... i never want to explain to this new baby this war.. cause we won't ever be done w/ it... ya can fight an enemy - but ya can't fight an ideal(no matter how warped it is)- i want to thank my daddy & my uncle & all the other viet vets....( blackhawk19 & others) .. i wanted to fly apaches... i did tell you i loved you & welcome home..... my b-day was 7-23-1968... that was a big day over there..... thats why i became a soldier.i remember nixon saying he's bringing ya home- 1500 plus soldiers died that week....
that is the saddest song in the world. I have stood on the flight line and saluted the angel flight more than I would like to remeber. then there is the roll call durring the ceremony if you don't cry during that you suck.My wife's grandfather just passed recently. He was a retired MAJ in the army.There is a group called the patriot riders that I would like to say thanks to and let y'all know about. they stood guard with american flags up and down the walkway for the funeral. They were there to keep the protesters safe from us soldiers. They see it the other way but we know the truth.

I would like to speak for the service men and women when I say thanks for your support and prayers.

Thank you SGT Paul J Pytlik U.S.ARMY
i try to get to the airport when our "kids" come home, & cook @ the vfw whenever possible.....yesterday 2 ch-47's then 4 black hawks, then after that 4 apaches(my birds) flew from ft. campbell to ft. knox( yeah i know the line) right over my house.... i know that thump... wish my pics came out better... to bh19- i love ya whirly birders..... THATS WHAT I WANTED TO BE WHEN I GREW UP.... i settled for brown shirts....
catfish- THANK YOU - fight fierce,come home safe, & kick arse the american way.that means take those hero pics of the kids loving our troops... remember our credo is fight the good fight & secure freedom for those that can't or WON'T DO IT FOR THEMSELVELVES... and tell your wife thank you for believing in what you do & her sacrifice.....
You know, we, as a group, can adopt a platoon of soldiers... That's what we did on another board I hang out at. I'm sure a soldier/sailor or Marine can let us adopt their platoon and send goodies to them. Just no pork! No pork, alcohol, or nekkid stuff are allowed to be sent..

(I personally wouldn't be able to live!)..

Without the pork, of course! What were you thinking?

Thank you to every one of you who are serving or have served this great nation!
i usually send letters from the local kindergarten.a football(the ragheads really love that),pics from home, and sunscreen/chapstick. and stuffies for the local children.a pack of gum never hurts.
Gypsy, you seem to to have a interest in flying and Vietnam (Father & Uncle)
Here is my Units Web site, thought it might be interesting to you. All kinds of info there. Pictures/Daily Operations/Stories/Awards etc. Take a look when you have a chance.
Blackhawk -

That's an awsome site. You got me all teary eyed here! I don't know why but I get all emotional looking back .... Thank God I wasn't an overly emotional kid!
If you get a chance read the War Stories, some are sad, some are funny but all are true. Also the Trial by Fire story, they were all my friends, Ron Timberlake was my roommate. I left a month before this happened and didn't find out about it until years later. Thanks
That was great. I can never watch those tributes enough. Only the people that have been over there can ever discribe what it is like. Thanks for everyones support, thanks and prayers. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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