To Hot To Smoke

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Jun 20, 2007
Troy AL
I don't know how it has effected everybody else but it is just to hot to smoke here. It was 104° and heat index of 114° today. I've got a new GOSM but I haven't been able to keep it under 250° to 260° in curing it and one more test run. It's got to where even the Beer doesn't help
. We are in an exceptional drought rating which is the worst they have. I may loose most of the azaleas and dogwoods in my back yard. I wanted to smoke with it this weekend but there saying 103°, thats just to hot for an old man to sit out and watch the thin blue smoke
it has been strainge here in central OK we have not hit 100's yet.. it's been nice .. i wish the best of luck getting that smoke-n done...
ps how bout nights?
Come on Debi .......... You dont see a new recipe here???? Throw a plate of tortilla chips under the grate and you could have quick smoked nachos!

I have not smoked anything in over a month! Too hot, too busy ..... hopefully this weekend I will produce some ribs & fatties!
Well that might work this weekend I was trying to make a meat and cheese tray for a party! Smoked tortillas do sound good though ... hmmmmm
That is funny. I was just telling my friend yesterday that I think I could smoke all day on a couple of coals here in AZ in June & July. Out in the sun that thing HAS to be at least 150 inside during the afternoon. I'm sure though, I'll be writing here in January asking how to keep temps up to 250 when it's only 50 degrees.
we're having a cold snap here- it's only 97 (h.i.- 116)...go outside & have to spritz myself w/ water just to see the thin blue steam rising off my arms....but i can't stand it anymore, doing a rack of beef ribbies,rack of pork spares,abts,another meatloaf and a couple fatties tomorrow or sunday. it's just got to be done.....
WOW talk about weird weather - yesterdays high was 97°F todays high was 65°F! At Noon it was 61°F and raining (Again).

Squeezey thanks for sending the cool weather down here - I hate it hot and sticky out!
95 in the shade here, heat index of 110. We do have some storms attempting to cool it down. Hope they find my house. Even with that, the smoker is going. Wife is in Orlando visiting family. So 3-2-1 ribs, smoked taters and baked beans tonight.
my smoker has set idle since the weekend after the 4th of july,,but believe you and me it's not by choice i have just been so busy with this painting the house sh*t that i can't devote the time to a PROPER session

i know your saying 5 weeks and not done yet but i'm fixing stuff as i go i took down a fireplace and chimney so theres siding to go up, figure i'd put up all new gutters and windows in the upstairs game room plus repairing rotten wood as i go, i hope to put some before and after picks to see what you all think
It was 106° here today, I won't talk about the heat index. They say it will average about 103° till Tuesday. At least I layed the tile in my second bathroom without cutting off anymore of my thumb
It's either been too hot or too wet or too humid or too hot humid and wet, lol. But tomorrow.....

Forecast is 80 degress and partly sunny and I have a date in the morning with a big black rectangular box filled with hickory and pecan :)
I'll send you all some of this weird cold we got tonight - down to 55 degrees! Go figure? Sure feels good though after all the hot humid weather.
Today the heat index was 106 tommorrow the TEMP is supposed to be 102* . I dont care if I have to drag my smoker inside in the A/C I am smoking tomorrow... Salmon, Fattys, pepper jack biscuits, and anything else I can shove in there.

The official weather service forcast for North Alabama is "Pits of Hell" once again!!! That does not scare me though...I have 1 butt, 2 pastrami's, 2 fatties and 8 italian sausages on the smoker...Gonna take a lot of Yueng Ling to keep my internal thermostat from blowing!!!LOL
Everyone be careful in this heat and have a great weekend
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