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Discussion in 'Beef' started by creative rock, May 18, 2008.

  1. wasn't even a question!
    I get a call from my EX last night... I had been home about an hour from work, and had an adult beverage in hand... I don't drink and drive, because my lively hood depends on it. She tells me she just bought two corned beef briskets at Costco that was .97 cents a pound. She knows me well enough to know I can't pass up a bargain like that, and I have in the past bought her some stuff that were good prices knowing she is on a tight budget. I ask her if she was still there, she says "NO"... I ask her if she bought me some... "NO". She zoned out on giving me a call.
    Today after work I figured I will do the thing I hate the most... Costco on a Saturday late afternoon in Folsom. I get there just knowing they would have it on a end cap to get them moving, I looked all over and none to be found. I figured i missed out on a good deal, oh well, see if I fix my son and her any corned beef for the rest of the year! [​IMG]
    Just as I was about to give up, I stumbled upon them... They were USDA Choice flats, sell by date May 30, 08 with a pack date of May 17,08. They were quite a few there... [​IMG]
    Now the question is... I do like corned beef on ocassion (more than once a year), I do like to entertain and with the summer months coming up... How many does one person buy? also... How many ways to do corned beef briskets? I see recipes for pastrami (which I really do like), anyone have a favorite way? Any other ways to utilize the briskets? I am not sure if this was just that one Costco or not, but not a bad deal.
    Peace all,
    aka Rocky
  2. white cloud

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    Well what ever you do, Soak the corned beef in container of water and change it a few times, slice off a bit and fry it up to see if the salt content is where you like it. Maybe try a slice after an hour and a half. I did one about a year ago and was way to salty. Maybe even try a slice fried before soaking to see where its at. Not much else to do but pastrami, sliced smoked corned beef or smoked corned beef hash> Or make bierrocks after it's sliced with sour kraut and swiss.
  3. mossymo

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    Creative Rock
    I have made smoked pastrami from corned beef in the past. I can tell you this; good stuff !!!
  4. ronp

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    Just Smokem! You cannot beat the deal.
  5. Not sure what bierrocks are... I do like the combo of corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss on rye... Reuben Sandwiches, mmmmmmmmmm... bet even better with smoked corned beef... I have a little room to play with... bought 15 briskets, so over 50 lbs.
    I am restocking a freezer that I lost all the contents due to someone, or something pulling on the power cord and lost everything.
    Right now I am doing up some smoked chicken legs and thighs... about 15lbs worth that I got at Winco for .48 a pound. I will vacuum bag and freeze, that way can be heated up on the grill for short notice entertainment.
    Brined in one of my favorite brines.
    MMMMMMMMM, never even thought of Smoked Hash... makes me look forward to breakfast now![​IMG]

    I do understand the soaking of the briskets to get rid of the saltiness... Any Favorite recipes or links to posts for your favorite pastrami?
    thanks for the input so far, look forward to more...
    aka Rocky
  6. ronp

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    I have in the past just rubbed some black pepper, garlic an smoked em. I'm sure somebody can add. The flavor is already in the meat, just need some smoke.
  7. zapper

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    Making pastrami out of it you can hardly go wrong. Soak some of the salt out with a few water changes and then do one last soak/brine/marinade with some of the pastrami spices boiled, cooled and added to the soak for a deeper pastrami flavor (basically garlic, corriander and pepper) Apply your pastrami spice mix/rub to the outside and let it sit another night before the smoke or throw it straight on. I never seem to do it the same because I don't have one solid favorite way and I am always tweeking the formula or am challanged by time constraints. The point being, it would be hard to screw up as long as the salt level was accecptable to your taste and you maintained safe food prep practices. (Keep things cold, clean and then cook to temp). There are many post and threads about pastrami 'round here, even a few more that I have gone on and on and on in.

    As for the traditional corned beef. Well my taste are changing. I didn't used to care much for it, but I have really delveloped a taste for it over the past couple of years. I have a large crock pot that is my favorite way of cooking them. I also have an 18 quart electric roaster that I think I will use like a crock pot and cook up about three or four corned beefs and all of the potatos, carrots and cabbage that I can cram into it.

    And my point is? Do I really have to have a point? Well Good score on all of the meat no matter how you end up cooking it![​IMG]

    PS. Pics of the end results please.

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