to all our...

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
to all our vets- retired,active,reserve,soon to be deployed & all the support staff & civilian contractors in the line of...... may your smoke be red, white, & thin blue.....and here's a song to keep ya warm in the great sand box......( i hope no-one finds offense) if ya do ... ya better vote in a different country...... cause @ the risk of getting booted here.... i ain't apologizing for posting this video.
NO NEED to Apologize, I SUPPORT our boys and girls defending our country and putting thier lives on the line, so that you and others may contuinue to post items like this.
I saw Toby sing this song live in Kansas City a few years back, he puts on one hell of a show!

Remember, as in all great things, "FREEDOM IS NOT CHEAP", I would lay down my life to protect our country, and yes, I am a Navy Vet.
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