tip when using aluminum foil

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Tip: To make your foil pouch for cooking, take two sheets of foil and sandwich a wet paper towel(s) depending on size of foil pouch being used between the two squares of foil. Place food on foil and fold foil into pouches. This will help even out the heat and prevent burning.
This tip came from the Boy Scouts of America.
I am not getting to go until this Wednesday coming up, just 4 more days. But I can not WAIT!! I am already getting my bag packed for what reason I dont know!! I know I'll change things out!! :) But I get to stay longer for changing my plans so that is a plus. I can not imagine getting to jump into the lake on a HOT HUMID day! We used to go there all the time!! My mom said the traffic is horrendous because of the construction on her side of the bridge towards Beckley, so I am not looking forward to that part. \

How was your trip, would love to hear about it!!
great pics!! and yes she is mad to stick her footies in the water :) but she is soooo cute :) I cant believe it was so cool there and to drop so far at night. But ti looked like you all had a great time, thats what counts...



where was the picture taking with the girls standing on the rock out in the water? I didnt recognize it.
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