Tip when making up Rubs

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Jul 31, 2007
Glenburn, ND
I was in the kitchen tonight making up yet another batch of Jeff's rub recipe (I swear the stuff just disappears!!) and I was breaking down the brown sugar with a fork so that it wouldn't lump up when it dawned on me .... why not try using a pastry blender instead. It worked great and much quicker!! I suppose a lot of people already do this, but I figured I would post it just in case somebody out there hasn't figured it out like me.
Sorry honey, dumb Montana boy here, what is a pastry blender?
When you buy Jeff's rub, does it include a copy of the recipe so you can make some more?
I am wanting to try some different rubs but $18 is a little steep for me. But if it included a recipe for refills then I would have to get some.
You don't buy the rub or sauce...you buy the recipes for them. And if you want my advice...GET THEM! Great stuff!

A pastry blender is a device with a straight tubular handle which has a number of closely spaced wires mounted on it in the shape of a half circle.

It assists the fine blending of ingredients.

If you have never seen one just visit the gadget section of a well stocked supermarket. Great tool!

I even use one to scrape the fat from hides I want to tan. Makes a great first run on them!

I useally dry out a bag and run through a blender or food prosser.
Don't feel bad Terry I never heard of it either. I use my fist and a ziplock bag to break up chunks! Sometimes a rolling pin.
I use a spice grinder because I'm usually grinding seeds into powder at the sametime. I find that grinding just what I need in seed form gives me a more fresh tasting rub. I also keep a stale slice of bread on top od my brown sugar and it really keeps the lumps down to a minimun.
All the ingredients and a couple of pulses on the food processor. Done and so fine that it coats nice and evenly.

Oh and second on buying the recipe. I have only made the rub so far. But if the sauce is half as good, then it will knock your socks off. I put some on chicken and on some burgers I grilled. Amazing blend.
Thanks, I was startin to feel lonely!!
Well, since I's rich, I'm gonna use a gunny sack and 12#maul
Thanks Debi, when your as damn purty as me, you just can't feel bad!!
yeh, I said Purty, in Montana, the women are pretty, and us REALLY good lookin guys, are, "purty" and if ya don't believe it, just ask me and I'll tell ya!
What I use for a spice grinder is an electric coffee bean grinder, once you use it for spices don't even think about using it for coffee beans. You can pulse it like a food processor but it's much smaller with less parts. To cleanup, wipe it with a dry paper towel, grind some small pieces of fresh bread (that will absorb the dry powder) , and then grind a little table salt. It comes out looking shinny & new. I've been using one for over 5 years now without any problems.
Yep, I've got a small cheapo coffee grinder I use as a spice grinder, cost $8 on sale 3 years ago and does a fine job. I have a larger burr grinder I use for coffee beans and nothing else.
The spices are so much better fresh ground.
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