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bud's bbq

Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jan 22, 2007
Ada, MI
Hi All, I'm planning on doing a big smoke for the superbowl and the menu is as follows:

Sliced Brisket
Pork Butt for pulled pork sammies
4 Racks of Baby Backs(loin backs)
Baked Beans
Mac n Cheese Casserole
Bottle of Zantec :shock:

My question is I have done a butt and ribs in the same smoke and iv'e done brisket and ribs in the same smoke but not all three at once. I know that I can hold both the butt and brisket in foil in a cooler for a good while(not to go below 140F), while I finish up the ribs, but should I start the butt before the brisket? I allways try to figure out a guesstimate of how long things should take,(1-1/2-2hrs for the butt & 1-1-1/2hrs for the brisket) but allways cook by finished temp not time as each piece of meat is different. Should I put the butt on first or start them at the same time? Any suggestions?? Thanks,
Theresa ( the other half of Bud's BBQ)
I always start butts and briskets together. The only time I might not would be if I had a little brisket and monster butts or vice versa. These are such big unpredictable cuts all you can do is start them early and be sure and have enough cooler space.

Actually I want to answer always start together. I smoked a little 7 ½ - 8 lb. packer brisket a couple months ago when there was a discussion about 6 and 7 hour brisket cooks. It was right up there amongst my longest brisket smokes.

FYI, I have kept brisket and butts warm double wrapped in foil, then a towel, then stuff the empty cooler space full with old blankets and towels. Close it and leave it closed. I've went right up to eight hours and stayed above 140°. Sliced and ate just like a fresh meal only well rested and showered. ;)
Theresa, Start the butts and briskets at the same time. Seven hours before you're planned dinner time, start your ribs. If the ribs get done before the butt and brisket, foil them and put them in a cooler.
you know what. i am not jokeing about this. i wonder what it would be like to cook the butt over the brisket so the juices sorta mop the brisket for you. add a little extra flavor. i tried smoking bacon over some brisket but could not taste any difference. next time i will use more bacon. or make my fatties (hot) over my brisket. mmmmmm i can not wait for my next smoke.

but yea i agree with ultra and dutch (who, in their right mind would not) start the big pieces meat first and let settle. it will only make them more tender.
yeah, I think I'll start the big pieces of meat at the same time and depending on temp start my ribs at my best guess, it's just so darn hard to guess what the "stall" time will be for each piece of meat, but to eveyones point, they'll hold in a cooler just fine, I pretty well have my rib timing down, I use the 3-2-1 method or actually more like 2-2-1 method for loin backs (bb's), I just don't like to foil my ribs to long because they get a little to soggy for my taste. As far as placement I'm with you buzzard, butt on top, brisket below it, mmmm good!!! Clean up with all this should be fun :shock: . Thanks everyone for all your input, I will take pics ta let you see how it goes,
The correct way when using a vertical chamber is:

Top: Vegetables

2nd: Beef

3rd: Pork

4th: Chicken

The renderings of the Butt will not really add anything to your Brisket (just as "Fat Cap Up" doesn't) and more than likely will wash away some of that precious rub. An exception to the veggies rule is to allow a pan of Baked Beans to sit under the Pork for a couple of hours to catch the renderings. Give them a good stir, then back on the top rack.

Theresa, it sounds like you have quite the meal planned! I love the fact that we are getting more Women involved in this forum!

Please take pix and share them and your experience with us.

Hi there Jeff, thanks for the welcome!! It was pretty funny last night, Bud was downstairs in the office reading and posting on the forum and I was upstairs on my laptop doing the same thing :lol: . Is there a way for one e-mail address to have two users? We've agreed to sing our posts so poeple know which one of us their talking too.

As far as the placement of food goes that makes alot of sense, I didn't consider the washing away of the rub on the brisket, but won't the same thing happen to the butt?? With so much food I'm not sure I have room for drip pans, and I have never set the food itself in pans and like the way everything has come out thus far, so a little hesitant to change things up now. Any suggestions? Will definetley try the beans suggestion. Were so glad we found this site, great information and great poeple!!

I've never had a problem with the pork rub, mainly because Brisket (even with the Fat Cap) has less drippings. Your GOSM BB has a drip pan on the botom, doesn't it?

You and Bud need to register separately with different monikers. I'm not sure if the site will flag you having the same e-mail - but I think you're OK on that.

Why would you set your product in pans? Smoking with a Grill, yes, but not a Smoker.

Yes, there is a drip pan on the bottom that I wrap with foil for easy cleanup, when Iv'e done a butt in the past I put a aluminum foil pan under it to catch all the drippings for an even easier clean up (that's a woman for ya) but know that youv'e made me think about it... Dahhh. :oops:

With putting the food in pans I was just really thinking out loud about the drip factor, like I said Iv'e never done it before and now see there's no reason too :) .

I tried to register separately and it did flag me for the same e-mail, oh well no biggie.

I too, line the bottom of my cooking chambers with HD Aluminum Foil for easier clean-up (not just a woman thing). I'm glad you decided to ditch the pans!

Out of curiosity, why do you and your husband share the same e-mail address? Why don't one of you set up a seperate address (even if only for SMF replies)...........problem solved!

BTW, I've thought about Kickboxing my computer before!

Hi Jeff, I decided to take your advise and create a separate e-mail address, I'm embarresed to say I wasn't sure how to do it, but figured it out... still learning.

Thanks, Theresa
No ,forgot to check the box and then figured out how to attach it automatically. Big learning curve for me today in the computer arena :D :D

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