Three - 8 - Three, Smoked Potato Balls " Cuban Papas Rellenas "

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Nice looking meal David. You have to have some Irish in ya with all the potatoes you eat.

Point for sure
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Wow! No idea how I missed these David, but excellent work! These look incredible and would be something fun to do!!!
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Wow! No idea how I missed these David, but excellent work! These look incredible and would be something fun to do!!!

Thanks Jed for the love and the comment

They were a lot of fun to do and eat, hope I can find a couple places next week while away to try some.
And maybe pick up a few ideas for new to me foods :emoji_yum: :emoji_yum: 🤠

Sadly I missed these back when you posted, David. Otherwise I'd have made them by now 'cause I know full well I'm gonna love them.

Thanks Gary for the love and the comment
All good Gary, as long as you got to see it sometime.

They were very good and fun to make and eat.

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Three - 8 - Three, Smoked Potato Balls " Cuban Papas Rellenas "

Well this is kind of a thank you to every one who voted and made me a member of the OTBS #383 ( Three 8 Three )

MIL was here for the weekend , so I came up with this , I wanted to make an other potato style meal and saw Cuban papas Rellenas
and as I have done this style of potato with just gravy inside . This was something I had to do also.

It calls for Cuban Picadillo ( new to me ) but fantastic sounding and tasted real good.

So here it goes : sorry this will be long, because that is me.

Boiled and mashed the potatoes, just a little milk salt and pepper, and add some flour , you want the mashed smooth but not runny. Has to be able to form and stay while cooking.
I pulled a pound of ground pork from the freezer, ( only because I cant read thought I was grabbing beef. All good I love both ).
Into the smoker on Black cherry chunks, while that is cooking/smoking I gathered the items to make the Picadillo
View attachment 656273 View attachment 656274
View attachment 656275 View attachment 656276

Cook all the veg in the CI , onions first , celery, Gr. peppers, fresh tomatoes , raisins ( yes raisins ) chopped almonds
than the spices, garlic, cumin, Cocoa powder, salt,
I did not add green olives because I hate them. 4 - 6 table spoon chili sauce, tablespoon vinegar

View attachment 656277 View attachment 656278

add the crumbled up smoked pork, hard to stop eating the pork, lol

View attachment 656279

Set aside and let cool, with the mashed spuds

Get out my trusty ice-cream scooper and scoop up the balls. Form into small pancakes in your hand , add a spoonful of Picadillo in to the center and fold up the potato to seal and form a ball. In separate bowls 1 )- 3 eggs and a little water whisked, 1 )- bread crumbs little flour and paprika.
Take each potato, egg first than coating mix . Place on tray and into freezer for 20 minutes or so, while the smoker comes to temp, and helps the potato to stay set while in the smoker

View attachment 656280 View attachment 656281

View attachment 656299 View attachment 656282
View attachment 656283

Smoker set at 350 Deg. Papas Rellenas in and getting heated and crunchy.

View attachment 656284 View attachment 656285

They are ready after about 70 minutes. Brought into the house and plated up the meal

View attachment 656286

Boiled up some white rice with a little green onion, small bowl of mild salsa , dish of Soya Sauce and 3 potato balls each

Mona her Mom and I = Three 8 Three

View attachment 656288

View attachment 656291

these are very good and can be just eaten with your hands also, some people like them as walking food from street shops so I read. and I can see why

View attachment 656295

Thanks for looking and maybe making it to the end.

Thanks everyone for the nominations and hope you enjoyed this new to me take on my potato balls

Cuban Papas Rellenas, filled with Cuban Picadillo


Edit: sorry everyone I forgot to say I lightly sprayed cooking oil over the potato balls before going into the smoker, to almost be like deep fried , almost
Looks delicious! Making this happen very soon...
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