this site is THE BEST 1 ON THE NET

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May 5, 2007
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i joind another bbq forum w/ some serious smokers & rigs and they advertise that everyone is helpful & friendly..... 15 hrs later... noone has welcomed my intro or even replied to any post i( or others-unless in the "clique") has made. so... in my "maybe humble but outspoken as usual" opinion- this is the best site on the net. besides- our forum layout is better.
I have looked around too Gypsy, for several years before coming here. You are right, people here care about the other guy, they are eager to share. In short, this IS, the BEST.
until coming here inever even thought to lookfor a cooking forum or a bbq site.i found this place as a link off the kentucky headhunter's friend's web sites. i've been cooking since i was 6 & @ 13 professionally( boats do that to ya)but i just did my own thing - never knew there were forums & groups of friends about cooking- much less smoking or bbq.... it's like finding a.a. for this addiction, but encouraging the addiction... lol now where can i get my hat or t-shirt ? (gotta admit- the hats aren't the greatest)- not the design- just the hat itself- we need ballcaps
I found this website from a fishing website I belong to. On that site they have a recipe section and I tend to talk smoke maybe a little too much. One of the other members that is into smoking also noticed my interest and PM'd me info on this site saying it was the best thing he had ever found (he had just found SMF himself) and encouraged me to check it out. I clicked on the link and read a few forums for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then I told my wife I think I have found a new place I want ot hang out and that it seemed much more friendly and helpful than some of the hunting and fishing sites I am a member of.

I still feel very grateful to this site and all the other members. The sharing caring and backhome politeness from all the members feels very much like home.
Not just caps and t's, we need aprons. If somebody can get aprons with the SMF logo on em I'll be one of the first to buy one, maybe even 2 in case one gets dirty or I have a helper
My wife and I each have camo aprons (I know , how cute!!!). But I will say, if we can get SMF aprons we will order two (offer a camo option and it is a done deal) !!!
we discussed a while back smf my mom is supposed to send me my papa's ut(hook 'em horns) orange apron w/ the w.c. fields & martini glass silk screen & my 30ish yr old- kiss me i'm irish button(all yellowed). of course the wife has material to make me a chili pepper apron i may see before i die.....
you mean they actually play football down in the San Francisco of Texas?? Actually, that Vince guy might might make those Titans worth watching for a while. At least he didn't do a John Elway and refuse to play for them.
I stumbled upon this place while surfing around, looking for menu ideas. It was a no-brainer for me, took me about 10 minutes to make up my mind to join.

I have never seen a place like this where everyone is friendly, helpful and eager to help a newbie get started... quite unlike other forums I've seen out there. I've been on numerous forums... 4x4 Jeep forums, fishing forums, cooking and bbq forums... all have know-it-alls with attitudes and their cliques. They were first in line to bust your aggots, but never in line to help. Ain't like that here, that's for sure!

All I can say is THANKS JEFF!!
I'm new here, and belong to some other forums also.

I do have to say, there is NEVER a lack of responses here!

Everyone is always very helpful and friendly and I have not seen anyone being bashed for their equipment or smoking style;whether you're smoking from a hole in the ground or using a $20K rig.

I don't get a ton of time to visit here (or any other sites) but this one is always bookmarked for fast access!!

You feel very "welcomed" here from everyone!
Agreed, I to went to another site prior to finding this one and it was not even remotely close. I used to be a member of an outdoor forum and that turned out to be a joke, nothing but negitivity.
Gypsyseagod - if you want one of the hats you can check out the Ordering Shirts & Hats for Gathering post. The hats were designed for the 1st Annual Gathering and not intended to be an official SMF logo hat. That design & printer will be up to TulsaJeff.

If you want a hat or two then I would recommend that you call Jan instead of using the other methods as those were set up for the Gathering printing.

BTW .. good luck in getting your local gathering going.
My past few "new" hobbies, I've looked to the 'net for forums where I can ask questions... in the pre-'net days, I just read anything I could get my hands on. The internet indeed makes the world smaller and it's great to have the access to years upon years of experience at a simple click.

A good forum is encouraging, inspirational and makes new friends.

I've made several friends across the nation on a couple of brewing forums - and our medieval reenactment network is pretty thick too. So when I travel for work, it's nice to meet up with friends for dinner and a good visit!

As for shirts and stuff... y'all know about Send in your design, and it can be put on shirts, hats, aprons, all kinds of things... and a portion of the cost would come back to Jeff and SMF.
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