This Should Be Interesting

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Jan 25, 2007
ADA, MI in michigan so were used to the snow and cold, but it's -20 with the wind chill and snow is coming down at 2" inches an hour with a foot and a half already on the ground. Weatherman says stay in unless it's a emergency......

That being said, planning on putting 2 butts and brisket on at 11:00pm followed by 5 racks of ribs somtime tommorow. This is what I call HARD CORE Q.....Thinking were crazy.

Like I said this should be interesting :lol:
That is definitely what I would consider hardcore.. makes our 29 degrees here in Oklahoma seem warm.

You guys are gonna freeze your tails off so you better hug that smoker when you are outdoors and might think about a way to wrap a blanket of some sort around the smoke chamber if you haven't already.

Be sure to not cover the vents to let the smoke escape.

Be sure and let us know how it goes.. :)
My hats off to you,here in WV it gets cold but not that cold.This just proves that the need for good Q knows no season.If you are so inclined maybe pulling a cork from time time during your smoke might help keep you warm.
I was going to use my new BSKD this weekend but it is missing a handle so I will pull out the Wookie, I just hope that it will be able to handle the cold. I have never ran her in this cold of weather before.
Or with a smaller burner so hopefully the ribs and shoulder will turn out ok. If not I may have to use the gasp oven
I had the same idea :lol: :lol: Haven't seen it this bad since the early 90's, they just shut down the airport and are closing the malls.
I have to give you both a big round of applause. You two are Smokin' King & Queen. I have 2 butts going on tonight, but my weather is summer compared to yours. Good luck, I'll be thinking about you.

PS: Remember...we like pics.
I was whining this morning cause it was 23* when I got up. :oops: You guys be careful up there.

Edit - it is beautiful up there though. 8)
Thanks All. Update..... -15F, still snowing and blowing (40 to 50 mph gusts) thier shutting the roads down, tons of accident's and pile up's ,but we are going to forge ahead. May the Q god be smiling down on us!!!!
OUCH!!! That is cold. got up to 34* here, down to a t-shirt as it feels like summer compared to what we have had(and nothing compared to what you are going thru).

You've got some big "ovaries" to be smoke'n on a day like that. good luck and stay safe. We are all think'n about ya.

Wait'n for pics
Well just for an update.

My snowblower blew a belt. I spent the afternoon driving around in this stuff.

Finally found one and took care of the neighbors and my driveways.

Will have to smoke later
It's all a dream..when ya wake up...there will be no the 60' huh...oh well I tried...
Good luck to you all....stay warm...
cajun no I am not trying it out. The unit came missing some parts and the factory is not open on the weekends. So I have to wait til Monday to call and then wait for the delivery.

It is killing me but it was a good deal and my wife told me that this is supposed to be my birthday gift (my birthday is not until April)
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

first off i am from ohio so i am with you all on the cold weather and closing stuff after it dips below -20*. i now reside in texas and if there is 1/4" snow in the ground or it rained a little and is below 30*, THE WHOLE TOWN SHUTS DOWN!!!!!!!

it absolutely kills me. i have never seen such a mockery in my life. not to mention here EVERYONE has a 4X4. you all should see the news. every anchor person is standing on a bridge watching cars go by talking about how many people are sliding out of control. i just sit back and laugh.

i have to admit it is kinda nice having the day off for no real apparent reason :twisted:
Ive lived in tx all my life and Ill be the first to say It doesnt matter what kind of weather nobody here knows how to drive. Just like buzzard said you should see the mess it can be. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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