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This is what it is like for me when cooking on my pit.


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I find something therapeutic about being outside cooking with a fire. I guess you could say it's sort of a therapy, well we know its definitely an aromatherapy. It really relaxes me to be out with the pit fired up on a cold day without the worries of the world around me.

This is what it is like for me when cooking on my pit.

You get up before the sun, head out to the pit, it is dark but the darkness is welcome, it makes you feel like you are in your own world.

You open up the firebox door and start a fire.It is very still and dry out, the fire burns upward.

It is silent, almost a deafening quiet, no birds, no airplanes or cars, no air conditioners, the only thing that is heard through the silence is the crackling of the fire,
you glance at the temperature gauge on the wall and it reads 36°, you think to yourself , "that's cold", but the warmth from the pit is comforting and you are not cold.

The light from the fire cuts through the dark giving the area a warm soothing glow and the smell from the freshly ignited wood makes you close your eyes and inhale deeply, you loose yourself for a minute, at this point you know its going to be a great day.

You head upstairs and grab the pork, once at the pit, you unwrap the pork and get hit with another welcomed smell...it's of your rub, as you gaze at the slather that has developed from the rub mixing with the meat juices you are fighting the urge to swipe the gooey goodness with your finger and taste it like you would icing on a birthday cake, the whole time saying to yourself, "life is great".

The fire settles down, you look over your shoulder and notice the glow of the sun peeking through the trees.

You set up your pit and place your treasure into the pit, you close the pit and head upstairs to grab a coffee and back out to the pit.
You then place your favorite chair by your firebox and gaze at the thermometer and it is now 42°.

As you sip on your coffee you get a faint smell of your rub alongside a bit of smoke smell, now you get anxious... you spring up and take a peek... not much going on but you take a minute to admire your treasure.

A little while passes and you add some more wood to the fire, as the fire crackles you hear a sizzling sound, you spring up out of your chair and pop open the pit,...whoosh you get plastered in the face with the first signs that your pork is on it's way, you have now just opened Pandora's box, the anticipation weighs heavily on you like a crushing force that can only be lifted by time.

As you admire your treasure you notice the "pork gold" oozing from the surface, you know everything is as it should be and you have aligned with the universe.

too be continued.

Nothing is more relaxing to me than being outside tending the pit on a nice fall morning, kicking back with a fresh cup of coffee taking in all the wonderful aromas from the pit.

As much as it is relaxing, there is also something primeval about cooking meat over a fire, there is also the satisfaction of producing a product that required so much attention and will be enjoyed by many.

When I'm cooking on the pit, it's not just cooking it is more of an event. Now that I look back I remember my Mother In Law would make thanksgiving dinner, I saw her slaving in a kitchen all day, but to her she was enjoying her event, she was in her element and enjoying every minute of it, to me it looked like a lot of hard work.

When I'm cooking on the pit folks look at me and say, "man you've been tending that pit all day that seem like a lot of work", but I'm in my element, so I say, "its only work if you don't enjoy it".



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I think I just wipe a tear from my eye.....well said SQWIB!


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Its great to have a passion ! And you are real good at yours !


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Very well said.......I especially like the comment about the deafening quiet.  One of the things I enjoy about smoking and hunting, there is nothing better than being outside when the world is waking up.


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Very well said....... I raise my shot of tequila to you!

smokey mo

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Well said my friend. I have been away from the family here for a while and what a great welcome home to the forum you have given me.  My pit has kept me so busy that I forget to stop and enjoy this place.  Thanks


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That my friend was an elite description of what we all should feel when we fire up our smokers.

Whether they be by wood, charcoal, or the electric smoker. 

I know I really enjoy the time I spend by mine.




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Please finish this in time for me to get it printed and framed for a Christmas gift for my fiance!!! Maybe after reading it she will finally understand!


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Well said :Beer:


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Thank you for that wonderful description of the perfect morning.


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WOw, that post puts ours to shame...LOL  Great job describing a slice of heaven.


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Wow.. good job.  I try to have as many days like that as I can.


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Kudos for the perfect description that applies to so many of us. You have a gift for words, my friend.
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You are definately the "Word Wizard"!

Great job summing up what so many of us feel!



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Can you wheel that smoker out on the lake.... I would like to hear the word "flag up" every once in a while... havent been Ice fishing in years... I sure do miss it......


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