they call me tater salad

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
here's the loose recipe-open to meas. & interpretation. 12 brown(idaho spuds),8-10 hard boiled eggs,1 stalk finely chopped celery,3 tbsp smoked garlic(paste or minced),1/4 diced medium yellow onion,3 tbsp sweet or dill relish or diced pickles,1/2 cup real mayo(miracle whip if ya so prefer),1/4 cup mustard, 1 good squirt 1905 or goulden's spicy brown mustard,2 shot glasses guinness beer,paprika. leave the taters & eggs chunky - cool- mix the rest, sprinkle paprika over the top - chill,serve,done. belch when satisfied.
Then that is what I am, I do believe I am very familar with them all. My favorite is Rodney Carrington.
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