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  1. Thanks, John, appreciate the offer.  I have the 6 and 7, but won't be around them until early next week:  I'll try and get to them as soon as I can.  That said, I would assume that the tone(s) would be the same as the 20, but you also know what happens when you assume.
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    For anyone who is interested, the following shows the frequency spectrum of the Maverick alarm tone:

    The lowest frequency (the "fundamental") is 2,048 Hz. The remaining frequencies are 4,092, 6,147, 8,193, 10,240, 12,288, 14,336, 16,383, 18,432, and 20,479. Even for those with normal hearing, almost everything that they actually hear will be the first three frequencies, 8,000 Hz is actually amazingly high-pitched, and you aren't going to hear much of that.

    The fact that there are several overtones is a good thing, and should make this a little easier to hear than a pure tone. However, since the higher frequencies are pure harmonics of the 2 kHz fundamental, you won't get the benefit that a true "polytone" alarm has (i.e., an alarm that has multiple notes on the musical scale, so you get harmony). All you get with this alarm are octaves, like hitting middle C on the piano while also striking all the other C keys above it.

    Is this information useful? Probably not, but now that you have it, you can tell everyone you know ...
  3. thermopro

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    For those of you wondering about the alarm:

    You can hear it go off briefly around 3:30, hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the Thermopro video. I downloaded the audio and analyzed the alarm signal. It is identical to the Maverick. Here is the spectrum:

    So, based on actual measurement, there is no advantage, nor any disadvantage to the alarm on the Thermopro compared to the Maverick. The fundamental frequency (2 kHz) and the harmonics are precisely the same.
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  5. Thank you, John and DIllon, for this, as I wouldn't have accessed my two until tomorrow.  Wonder if Dillon can comment whether the alarm can be changed in any way that would benefit 801Driver and others who have issues with this particular tone.
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    @johnmeyer  Thank you for the analysis!

    @gr0uch0  Unfortunately the alarm tone cannot be changed at this time, but we are looking to change this in the future!


  7. Is it possible to run more than one TP-20 in the same proximity as another TP 20 without any interference
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  8. Wow, thank everyone for your efforts tracking this down and trying to help.  Some days my frequency range is better than others, but never gets to "normal".  I think I will stick with my ET-733 for now and wait for any comments on anything new that might be better for me like a buzzer rather than a beeper or something like that in the future.  How about a little circuit that takes a beep input sound and outputs at 1/2 or 3/4 the audio frequency of the beep?  Might be a great add on. 

    Might also make my wife sound funny though.  Woops, rethink this a little, it might do away with my excuse of why I do not hear her some of the time.  Ha Ha

    Thanks again Guys.
  9. thermopro

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    Yes, you  can run multiple units at one time. Not possible for them to interfere with one another.
  10. Thank you, I didn't think there would be an issue
  11. hillbillyrkstr

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    Amazon today
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    Thanks for the tip, picked up the portable temp prob for $9.99
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    I've had the TP-08 for months now. I like it, works very well.

    just keep the manual handy you'll need it.
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  14. Why is that?
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  15. boomerangg22

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    yea instructions are included, just hard to remember which buttons to push to do what you want it to do.
  16. hillbillyrkstr

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    I'd like to know how accurate these thermos are so I ordered one. I use thermapops and thermopens and they work excellent. Always have for years. I own multiple of each. I hope this stands up to the thermoworks juggernauts but i have my doubts.

    I'd also like to know how the thermopro tp20 compares to the igrill 1 or 2, or the maverick 732, 733, or 735. I own all of the above so I'm not buying a tp20. So if anyone can chime in I'd love to hear your comparison.
  17. uncletork

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    Just ordered the TP-08 and TP03A. Looking forward to putting them to work. Thanks Dillon!
  18. mstphrchrstphr

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    Got my TP-08 in the mail and finally got a chance to use it today.

    First off, I need to mention how great Dillon and the Thermopro team was with their customer service.  Canada Post lost my package and marked it as delivered, and they were super helpful in resolving the issue for me.  Only the sender can open a file with Canada Post, so they got right on that and I got my Thermopro quickly.

    The meat probe works great, and I've been loving how great it's been to have a wireless receiver to keep an eye on the temps of the meat and BBQ.  I've been using a digital meat probe for the last while so it's great to have one I can just leave in the meat and monitor it instead of poking it every now and then.

    The probe that keeps the bbq temp is great too, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to properly attach the clip to the bbq grate.  Anybody have tips?  Maybe with pictures?  Right now I'm resting it lightly and balancing it where the two grates crisscross.

    All in all, I'm loving it so far.
  19. uncletork

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    I just used my tp-08 and tp-03 this weekend. The easiest way i found to use the BBQ probe stand was to put the bottom tab into a potato with the top tab on top of the potato. I initially put the BBQ probe straight through the potato and bypassed the stand but it would read lower therefor why i stock the stand into the potato.
  20. mstphrchrstphr

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    That's a great idea!  Thanks!!

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