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Jul 6, 2007
Are there thermometers that you can put into the chicken and leave them there while it smokes? I hate opening things up and going through the time of poking an thermometer into places until I have a good read and losing all that heat and smoke. I would think that if I could just open it up long enough to read the temp of a thermometer that is already set, it would be much faster and easier.
Hi, yes there are many thermometers that will do what you asked. I use the Maverick ET73 which monitors cabinet temp and internal cooking temps. It claims a distance of 100 feet for the remote monitor, but I have found the range to be less than that. Still a great thermometer. A quick google search will locate the Maverick if you choose to pursue it.
Thanks Bill, That should work even better than what I had in mind!!!
The meat probe thermometers are designed to stay in the meat being smoked/cooked for the duration of the process. You just insert the probe in the thigh/leg of the chicken and connect the probe wire to the thermometer. The thermometer can be placed outside of the smoker so you can easily monitor it without opening the smoker/oven. I hope this helps you.
If you get a digital thermometer with wire probe make sure you don't just sit it on topof the smoker. It gets a little to hot up there. I usualy put a brick or a piece of 2x4 on the smoker and then put the transmiter on that.
So with the digital thermometer you have to run a wire from the probe to a transmitter outside the grill? Like through the vent? So with the digital thermometer you can never close things up completely? Is that right?
I use the Oregon Scientific and love it. See it at:

I found it on sale at Lowes for $30 a bit ago. Now it is listing at $39. It is programable by type of meat and the doneness you desire or you can set specific temps. It alerts you a few minutes before you need to be at the smoker. That is real handy since it works over 300 yds away. I have used it in an open field and it worked as advertised. I'm sure that distance would be diminished through walls and doors.
It's a Masterbuilt propane bullet style all-in-1 type water smoker. It is never completely sealed. But I like to keep the vent on top closed all the way most of the time.
from what i've seen the probe cords are small enough you could put it in @ the grate level (if it's the mb 7 in 1 i just googled) and not lose much heat or smoke- just be careful replacing the lid as to not pinch the wires. or you could just drill a hole abot 2" above grate level & add a regular temp. gauge.
Cool. And it does monitor the internal meat temperature?
You can get one from Wally-World for about $14 , it doesn't transmit 100 yards but it works great, it's a Taylor-Made is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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