Themometer question can I keep it in the full time?

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Apr 16, 2006
Northern IL
I had a little set back for making my pulled prok. I wanted to get a wireless thermometer but the one store qouted me wrong on the phone and the cheapest one I can find right now is the Webber for $35 plus tax. I think I will have to e-bay for a better deal. Well the best Thermometer I have right now looks like this:


I am just wondering should I be able to put this in the pork butt and just keep in in there the full time I am cooking it? I just do not want to keep poking it every time I have to spray the mop and lose the juice in it to see what the temp is.

Thanks if you have a better tip.
I would leave it in the full time..

..every time you poke leaves another place for juice to leak out.

..the glass may smoke up a bit, but I've never had an issue with it damaging a thermometer.

If you've looking in the $35 range, a Maverick can be had for $39.

It has two probes (one for the meat and one for the smoker) and it's also wireless.

I've heard nothing but good things from those who use them.
Unless that thermometer states that it is "Oven Proof" I would'nt leave it in the pork butt. My daughter used a cheap one and left it in the roast she was cooking and the dial face melted because it was plastic. Before I got my Maverick thermo. I used a round roasting thermo. that I picked up for 7 or 8 bucks.

Roasting Thermometer
..good point Earl..didn't think about the plastic faces on some of them..I was assuming it was a glass face and was made to take the heat of the oven.
Mine is all metal for the internals. I have had it for a few years so I no longer have the box. The clear cover though I am not sure if it glass though. I will have to check.
Well went to pick up some suppies for Saturday's pork and I found a digal probe one for about $10. Nice part is that it has a holder with a magnetic back so I can just have in right on the lid. At least no more having to worry about opeing it to see the temps or get them.
One last piece of advice. Check to make sure your probe is calabrated. You can do this with the boiling water test, just boil water and if your therm reads 220 then it's right. I'm sure it won't be a problem but it's always good to double check the factory settings. Let us know how the pork turns out.
Here's an interesting link on calibrating with Boiling water.
For most of us, I would assume 212 is good at least most of the time (look at the chart, you'll see what I mean)

After reading the stricle above the chart, I decided that I would leave the calibration up to Dr Snyder, and I would stick to smokin' pork butts :)
On my "instant read" thermometers, I callibrate them using the ice cubes/water method. Fill a drinking glass full of ice cubes and add water. Let sit for 5 minutes. Insert probe end of the thermo in to the ice water. When the indicator/numbers stop moving (on digitals), check to see how close to 32 degrees the thermo is-adjust the calibration nut til the indicator is at 32 degrees.
FYI I found a digital thermometer with a SS extension probe for $15 at my local larger than life grocery store. I have to believe that Wal-mart or like store would have the same. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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