The Wookie

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Dec 19, 2005
Beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan
In case you see my tag line or read something that references the Wookie here it is



She does it is myself that gets left out in the cold.

There is a spot in the garage that is just the right size to put the Wookie and her friends right up front.

Granted there is no room for anything else but what else would anyone want?
That is a cool set up there cheech, what do you use as fuel and im assuming the fire chamber is in the bottom door.

Wish I had enough room to put mine in the garage.
msmith, it runs on electric, there is a dual electric burner with temp controller that regulates the temperature. I can control down to + or - 1 degree
Currently not a lot. I have afriend that is going to weld some supports for new racks inside the unit.

Amazing what you can get someone to do if you offer to pay them with smoked meat.

The way that it is right now I can smoke about 4 pork shoulders.
Cheech that is awesome never thought about using an old fridge. Those controls looks like components that I see on heating and a/c units very profesanal. I have located an old fire truck here and thought about making it into a smoker but it needs a lot of work and there wanting to much for it. Still think it would be neat to drive up and start smoking.
So what does an old fire truck go for these days?

I actually have thought about a fire truck or possibly a "water truck".

If you do this please please share some pictures
There wanting 3,800.00 or best offer. Its in very bad shape needs a lot of metal replaced and the engine will have to be re done. It would probably take around $25 to $ 30,000.00 to get it up and going and thats just an estimate. I do have a 1972 gmc pick up and thought about building a smoker in the bed of it, just some ideas ive been kicking around.
They are some very nice set ups am guessing around $50,000.00 or more. Since im a poor boy Ill just have to build my own a little at a time and with the help of good friends. Im the type with big ideas and a little pocket book.
Well that is not bad either; The Wookie was born from a brush with fate. I got it from a place that I used to work and traded it for a better refrigerator that they could use.

I love a challenge of building something based on bartering or something that someone is just going to throw out anyway.

It is a bit of the cheap dutchman in me but more the challenge of building something for just about nothing
WOW Cheech That is really cool! And what's that 17 or more sausages in there too! Whoa! I'm moving into Cheech's house. Dang I just tossed an old fridge a few summersback that died on me should've started smoking sooner.

Se and I tell everyone every time I toss somethig out I kick myself for it! They just don't understand!

Yeah I hear that! I even have a Chiropratcor I see every two weeks that lets me pay him in Homebrew. 5 gallons of Scotish Ale and 5 gallons of German Altbier twice a year and I get tweeked and accupnture wice a month!

Cheech...The vent? Is that rolled aluminum or what? Thought about double walled water heater vent, but see that it has a outer layer of galvanised metal. Now i'm thinking of aluminum dryer vent.
I went to the hardware store and shopped around for what they had on the shelf.

What I got was a HVAC vent pipe with a vent hood on the top of that.

There is a butterfly valve in the middle of it but honestly I really do not use that.

The only time that I do is when I roll her into the garage and Mrs. Cheech does not want to smell the smoke. Can you believe that? I love that smell is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.