The Wine and Beef Tasting @ Canyon's Edge Winery

Discussion in 'Beef' started by patntamsbeef, Apr 19, 2010.

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    So, the actual event. No More practices.... I think we did 12 Top Rounds of different Flavors. 7 Marinades and 5 Rubs... WE also did two Pulled Beef in a Crockpot.

    I did get a helper that day. LOL, yet, I still really had no time to Take Pictures until the meat hit the Grill. The Prep was Fantic to get everything ready to go on at once.

    Basically, I marinated everything for two hours in Apple Cider Vinegar as Whole Roasts.

    Then, I pulled them out and marinated the Marinated ones in thier own stuff. Kenny did the two Wine Reductions. One was a Port and the other a Merlot. Two way different flavors.

    Then I did the Rubs, wet and Dry...

    Finally, everything on the grill and I remembered to grab the Camera!

    First, My $35.00 Charbroil Santa Fe Charcoal Grills with Meat

    Then Kenny Cuttng the Samples. Right after that Picture we were swamped Cutting. So, I never grabbed the Camera again
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    BEEF... it's whats for dinner...[​IMG]
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    Man that looks really good and all I could wish is I was there with a plate in hand. Great job on the meat and I have one of those smoker/grills at the pool hose.

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