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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by johnd49455, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. johnd49455

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    I have a very thin Round bone pot roast, 2 Chuck roasts (one about 1" thick & 1 about 2" thick) & an Eye roast @ about 5#. I was thinking about some jerky for some & just smoking the others.

    Which cuts are best for Jerky[​IMG]

    I have never done jerky before so some recipes & pointers would alos be helpful. In my signature is the list of my toys, which is best to use to make the jerky[​IMG]
  2. gofish

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    Of those cuts I would attempt to cut the Eye roast for the jerky. Cut AS MUCH FAT OUT AS POSSIBLE, I use kitchen shears for this. Slice strips thin, I go less than a 1/4 inch .... try multiple thickness' so you can figure your personal pref's. As far as your equipment goes, use the one you can maintain constant lower temps on ...... maybe the propane, IMO. The attatched thread was last years attempt at my first jerky, it was a liquid marinade, I have done rub type cures as well. I like em about the same ....

    Hope this gets you started in the right direction!
  3. rip

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    I use eye of round when I make it. You want the leanest cut of meat.
  4. glued2it

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    In my personal experience with jerky, The main thing is to have no fat in the strips. I've used all kinds of meat.
    But I would sure like to know the outcome with your meat types.
    And your thoughts of how they turned out.
  5. richtee

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    I like my jerky cut with the grain, so the pots are out. Whichever you can get a with-grain cut of any length. personal preference here, you CAN jerky it all and it will TASTE fine :{)

    Cut whatever into like 3/16th strips. Don't let it defrost completely, this GREATLY facilitates slicing, and remove ALL the fat you possibly can.

    Quick recipe:
    TenderQuick 1Tbsp/Lb of lean meat <I have been backing off this about 15% lately. Seems OK for the thin cut jerky>
    Add onion powder, garlic powder, a few spritzes of Soy and Worchester sauces and a half cup red wine.
    Add water or more wine to just cover strips in brining vessel.

    24 hour wait... then into the MasterBuilt prolly... 120-150 degrees. Vent well, you are dehydrating as well as smoking.

    Then after maybe 3 hours, I finish mine in my Jennaire oven, vented for dehydration action, about 125*.

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