The ultimate for CYA

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Feb 1, 2012
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Couldn't believe this label when I saw it on the inside of a planter.
This is a planter, it has a drain hole in the bottom.

Planter Warning Label 2024-05-19.jpg
That was the one - had to tell people hot coffee was hot.

But the planter with a hole in the bottom ?
How the heck could a child drown in it? Would never hold water.
And who would try (or want) to fill it with water in the first place.
Maybe choke on the dirt that would be in it.
Didn't have a warning for that.
Yep society has really dumbed down and also people don't want any personal accountability. Just sue for everything.
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Problem started when law was changed. That when you sue somebody and lose! You don't have to pay their legal fees.
Somewhere someone sued and won a ton of money. Now the label. Has our society just gotten that stupid that everything requires a label? I dont remember stuff like that when I was kid.

Truth be told, our parents figured we learned more by being stupid than any other way.

Like yeah, that hurt like hell and only a dumbass would give it a second go ..........
Listen , I get all of it , and agree . Problem is most parents are F;n stupid today .
Along with being absent . Some kids don't stand a chance from the get go .
I grew up watching Road Runner and Coyote. Don't remember for sure, but I just kinda knew I shouldn't drop an anvil on my brother or hit anyone with a fry pan. Just sad where we are now.. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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